Oushak Rugs Help 3 Homeowners Express Their Unique Style

We feel most comfortable when the design of our home reflects the way we actually live. We can even say that a stylish home is one that reflects our personality. Vogue Magazine’s famous editor Anna Wintour advises, “Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Oushak rugs can be a great help in designing rooms that express your unique style. These rugs combine an antique look with modern colors, so they can enhance many different decorating styles from traditional to contemporary. I will show you a handful of examples of how top designers have used Oushak rugs to create unique interiors that express the personality and life style of their clients, so you can see how it can be done.

Oushak Rugs Add a Hint of Sophistication to Rustic Style

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An Oushak rug lends class and sense of luxurious warmth to a rustic open plan living room designed by Lane-McCook & Associates in Santa Barbara. Photo by Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest.

Rustic design is all about rough woods, natural materials like metal and stone and a historic look for décor and furniture. This Oushak rug in a rustic-style living room featured in Architectural Digest both matches the natural color palette of the room and the antique characteristics of the other pieces in the room. However, it also adds a touch of elegance and panache, creating a unique look. If you want this look in your own room, then find a Oushak rug in warm  tans, creams and browns—accents like blue, green or red are fine—and pair the Oushak rug with rustic elements like stone fireplaces, rough wood furniture and muted plaids and floral fabrics.

Oushak Rugs Cozy up Cottage Style Design

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A living room with cottage charm by the eminent Bunny Williams uses a beige, gold and coral Oushak rug to add warmth to the space. Image courtesy Simon Upton and Interior Archive.

If your tasted run to Cottage style then Oushak rugs can make the rooms look more elegant and feel cozy and comfortable. In the living room by Bunny Williams, the beige Oushak rug with orange and gold accents helps the room look stylish and feel inviting; it warms up the starkness of the white walls and ceiling. At the same time the white ceilings and walls are needed for making the room feel well lighted and airy. If you like this style chose a beige Oushak rug with red, orange or gold accents in an allover pattern with a rich texture. Paint the walls and ceiling a light shade such as cream, a warm white or a shade derived from the Oushak rug. Use the colors pf the Oushak rug as a guide in selecting fabric colors. When all the colors are derived from the color palette of a beautiful Oushak rug, the room will have calm and harmonious look.

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A cream, gold and coral Oushak rug adds a feeling of comfort and lushness to the living room of a gardener’s cottage renovated by designer Timothy Corrigan in Lake Forest, Illinois. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Dark wood floor, and honey toned wood paneling brings a cozy warmth to this living room while the white ceiling makes the room feel well lighted. The Oushak rug adds a feeling of luxury and comfort with its plush texture. If you wish to create a similar look it is important to start with a beige or cream Oushak rug with warm accent colors such as gold, coral and red. If you decide to use wood paneling, make sure to paint the ceiling white as this will create a pleasing contrast and also reflect and amplify light from the windows and from the lamps. 

Oushak Rugs Complement Country Style

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A cream, gold and coral Oushak rug adds warmth and elegance to a country style kitchen dining area. Yellow walls add warmth and white woodwork creates a crisp contrast.

If you are drawn to Country style interiors then Oushak rugs can help you design rooms that have style as well as comfort. In this dining room with antique white French country furniture, the Oushak rug adds interest and an engaging with a subtle pattern and warm colors that are picked up by the yellow walls. The room has a sunny, uplifting energy and a feeling of comfort.

If you would like to create a dining room that evokes similar feelings, start with an Oushak rug with a cream or beige background with gold and coral top colors. Paint the wall yellow and use white for doors, windows and ceiling. Furniture and cabinets can be in an antique shade of white as in the above room or in a crisp white similar to the door. The floor can be a light neutral color to give the room an overall light filled and sunny look. Use black accent pieces such as the black chandelier in the above dining room. Since you are using white furniture, try to find pieces that have interesting shapes and detailing.

Because Oushak rugs are so versatile and work with many different decorating styles, they can help you design rooms that reflect your own individual style. Oushak rugs will always bring a feeling of luxurious comfort and sophisticated style. One of the reasons interior designers like to start a room design with a rug is because the color palette of the rug can be a great help in selecting fabrics and wall colors. When you select the rooms colors from the rug, you can be sure that the rug will act as a strong unifying force for the entire room design.  

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