Oushak Rugs in Architectural Digest’s 5 Best Interiors

American designer Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” If you love traditional design, then consider Oushak rugs. With a deft blending of centuries old patterns and modern colors, Oushak rugs resonate with antique furniture and at the same time add a modern vibe that gives traditional interiors looking fresh and young.

Architectural Digest Magazine has compiled the best of the best in traditional interiors with Oushak rugs in the newly created AD Design Files, and these rooms are nothing short of stunning. We will study the 5 best interiors with Oushak rugs and try to learn from the great decorators who created these rooms.

Oushak Rugs in Traditional Dining Rooms

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Tucker and Marks designed this stunning dining room in San Francisco on a fabulous tan and gold Oushak rug that looks historic, but also adds a touch of the modern with it’s tonal colors that make the design appear fluid and almost abstract. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Oushak rugs have the best of both worlds: they have traditional designs and a modern tonal color palette that compliments most design styles. In any traditional room, an Oushak rug both complements and contrasts with the rest of the room—but the juxtaposition is always pleasing rather than jarring. In the gold and tan dining room created by Tucker & Marks, the gold tones of the Oushak rug are rich and sumptuous. Tucker & Marks used different shades of gold on the walls, drapes and dining chairs that reflect the gold shades in the Oushak rug and make the room look more layered. The intricacies of the Biedermeier chandelier and gilt panels on the wall create a contrast with the almost abstract pattern of the Oushak rug. The soft pattern of the Oushak rug brings out the beauty of the curves of the Queen Anne dining chairs.

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A cream Oushak rug anchors red and green dining chairs, green drapery and mural and a fabulous crystal chandelier in a room designed by Richard Keith Langham. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This traditional dining room designed by Richard Keith Langham is set in Mississippi, and the influences of nature are strong. The state’s august river culture is depicted in the wallpaper, recalling traditional European hunting murals. Flowers and apples are in abundance, and the chandelier’s highly ornate canopy is carved with floral designs. The Oushak rug has a floral design as well, adding another layer to the room’s distinct opulence.

Traditional Living Rooms with Oushak Rugs

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Suzanne Tucker chose a cream and gold Oushak rug and paired it with cream walls and gold drapes to honor the Beaux Arts aesthetics of the building in San Francisco. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Oushak rugs have ancient roots at the same time they possess a modern flair that imparts a young vibe to a traditional room. The antique Oushak rug was chosen by designer Suzanne Tucker because it offers a pattern that is there, but is not intrusive. The tan sofa adds the darkest shade and the pale cream upholstered chairs have the lightest shade. These two shades serve as book-end for the other colors in the room which are between these two shades. The cool blue of the upholstered chair on the left pops gently against the warm golds in the room. The dark wood floor and dark wood cabinet provide pleasing contrast. 

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A cream Oushak rug anchors a spectacular living room designed by Tucker & Marks. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The dark brown sofa and brown chairs provide contrast to the pale cream colors of the Oushak rug while the pale blue pillows introduce a cool color that also picks up the blue tones in the panoramic view. The subtle pattern of the Oushak rug resembles the soft shadows of the mountains and allows us to enjoy the view of San Francisco Bay. Voluminous gold curtains and Doric columns remind us of a set from a classical Greek theater.

Oushak Rugs in Traditional Library

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A cream Oushak rug with faded blue accents brings a lighter feeling to the red walls and dark bookcases in this library designed by Richard Keith Langham. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Oushak rugs also look wonderful in a traditional library. This cream Oushak rug with beige, blue and red accents is stately and adds warmth to the room. It also adds a light, bright base for a room filled with dark woods and black leather.

Oushak rugs are well-matched to traditional style for any room, though they do seem to look good with just about every design style. Yet they have a certain aura beyond any label that adds a magic to any space. Oushak rugs are a detail that truly make the room.

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