Oushak Rugs Make it Easy to Add Color to 4 Chic Interiors

Oushak Rugs are some of the finest decorative rugs on the market.  Their luminous wool, luscious colors, ancient patterns and ability to enrich both modern and traditional interiors has made Oushak rugs very popular with interior decorators. Today we will learn how interior designers use Oushak rugs to add color and chic style to interiors. We will study four stunning interiors by top decorators and see how the sophisticated color palettes of Oushak rugs provide a great jumping off point for adding color to interiors.

Design Blue and White Living Room with Oushak Rug

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This classic living room by designer Annelle Barnett features many subtle design elements that add texture and flair.  The Oushak Rug has a light tan colored background with intricate cream pattern and a pale blue border. The cream and blue accent colors in the rug provide the jumping off point for the blue and white color scheme of this clean and airy living room. The blue upholstered stools and blue drapes pick up on the blue in the rug and the white sofa and chair resonate with the cream in the rug. The exposed, natural wood beams add a rustic and comfortable feel.  The rug adds a subtle dimension of shape and pattern that allows the rest of the room to shine.  With an Oushak Rug, the intricate pattern in a soft color palette can offer just enough detail without overwhelming the clean lines and simple fixtures of a traditional space.

Add Zip to Mid Century Modern Furniture and Coral and Green Oushak Rug

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This modern and open living room, designed by David Rockwell, is anchored by a gorgeous Oushak Rug with coral, gold, and light green and blue accents. Image courtesy Habitually Chic Blog.

The blocky pattern of the rug works perfectly with the clean lines of the mid century modern furniture and mimics the sleek tables and bookshelf.  The pleated window treatments in a coral shade bring out the terra cotta tones of the rug, and the light wood furniture adds rich depth.  The patterned pillows in dark navy and red add contrast and coordinate (rather than match) the carpet, providing layers of texture.  The use of funky lamps and accents gives the room an eclectic but composed feel that is functional, livable, and interesting.  With Oushak rugs, their distinctive look can carry a room but also work well with funky and unique accessories.

Add Warmth To Large Master Bedroom with Coral Oushak Rug

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This large, elegant bedroom, designed by Michael S. Smith, uses an Oushak rug with classic red, coral and cinnamon accent colors to anchor the many components of the room.  The seating area features oranges and reds that add cozy warmth, tying into the red motifs in the rug.  The warm, cherry wood furniture echoes this effect and gives the room a comfortable ease.  The chintz fabrics on the ottoman and sofa has a theme that harmonizes well with the rug even though they are from very different design traditions. The white bed linen provide a stark contrast to the tan and red tones, allowing it and the four poster bed to standout.  Smith also placed a white chair at the back of the room to resonate with the white bed. With Oushak rugs, you can include resonating and contrasting patterns and colors without the risk of clashing or overwhelming the rug or the room.

Create Colorful Dining Room with Coral Oushak Rug

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This dining room, designed by Suzanne Kassler, is a beautiful exercise in mixing contrasting patterns and colors.  She uses the subtle accent colors in the Oushak rug (light green and light blue) and uses those to create the main palette of the room.  The bright, pea green walls make the white and navy patterned chairs pop.  The large mirrors on either side mimic the classic window patterns of Turkish Bazaars.  The result is a room with a mixture of influences, with all pieces working in harmony, but each piece a work of art in itself.

Oushak Rugs, with their sophisticated color palette and subtle accent colors make it easy to introduce color into a room. The colors can be soft and subtle as in the first room or vibrant and blod as in the last room.  The designs of Oushak rugs also makes it easy to mix patterns, accessories, textures, and themes to create truly beautiful spaces with visual interest.  

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