Oushak Rugs, Modern Art and Antiques Enrich 5 Stunning Interiors

Handmade Oushak rugs have long been heralded as works of art in their own right. Oushak rugs express ancient patterns in modern colors. Interior designers use Oushak rugs to give modern interiors a feeling of history, sophistication and warmth. When used in traditional interiors, Oushak rugs bring a modern vibe because of their soft tonal colors. Today, we’re going to look at how you can pair these beautifully colored rugs with modern art or antiques to create unique and highly stylish interiors.

Design a Warm and Chic Room with Oushak Rug and Modern Art

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The deliciously soft colors and luxurious handmade textures of Oushak rugs make them a go-to object when interior designers wish to create a stylish and welcoming environment in a room. When designer Tracey Winn Pruzan of Cullman & Kravis was designing her Manhattan living room she chose an Oushak rug to create a fireside sitting area. The Oushak rug’s coral accents are echoed by orange highlights in the painting by Joan Mitchell hanging above the fire. Together, these pieces create a space that delivers on the Cullman & Kravis mission to create elegant interiors packed with exquisite details. Photo by Durston Saylor for Architectural Digest.

Add energy with metallics and Oushak rugs

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Our next stop on this “art walk” with Oushak rugs is the dining room Melanie Turner created for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles’ 2011 show house. The room embraces sparkling silver, shimmering gold, dazzling crystal and delicate porcelain in a flood of natural light. Anchoring the space is a soft, gold-toned Oushak rug whose subtle details lead the eye to the crown jewel of the space, a modern polyptych painting of geese in flight by Tom Swanston. Photo by Erica George Dines, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine.

Add Warmth to a Minimalist Room with Oushak Rug

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Because artistic interiors aren’t all about paintings, it’s important to select rugs that can host a variety of different textures across a space. Oushak rugs are valued for their sublime colors and luxurious texture which makes them an excellent choice for the foundation of a room with sumptuous fabrics. The relatively minimalist interior is made to feel inviting by hanging a soft Moroccan geometric rug. This rug gives this room a warmer feeling than if a large painting had been used instead of the rug. The designer upholstered the furniture in colors that are similar to the rug which gives the room a feeling of calmness.

Give a Modern Vibe to Antique Filled Room with Oushak Rug

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If you wish to give a modern look to a room that has a lot of antiques then Oushak rugs can be a great way to achieve this. Oushak rugs with subtle patterns in tonal colors look modern and antique at the same time. This is because they combine ancient patterns with soft colors. If the pattern of the Oushak rug is subtle and the colors are soft, the rug looks contemporary and at the same time it can connect with antique furniture, as in this dining room in a historic Virginia estate known as Rose Hill designed by Amelia T. Handegan. Handegan chose a neutral palette and accented it with coral drapes. She chose a table where confederate generals once dined and had had chairs custom-made and selected a Regency sideboard. The dark floorboards and detailed plasterwork provide a frame for the authentic Dufour et Leroy grisaille, Vues d’Italie, which was painstakingly preserved during the renovation. The Oushak rug pulls together all the antique and modern elements in the room while giving the room a modern vibe. Photo by Pieter Estersohn, Architectural Digest.

Unify Modern Vibe and Traditional Comfort with Oushak Rug

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This Oushak rug has a subtle gold pattern on a cream background and a soft texture which helps to beautifully pulls together the homeowners many personal objects displayed throughout the room. Sculpture, paintings, photographs and books feel as though they have naturally arrived in the space over time to create a personalized collection rather than a randomly selected exhibit. 

The use of Oushak rugs as part of your home interior is a savvy choice. Oushak rugs fulfill many roles such as adding sophistication, a sense of history, warmth and a modern vibe. In every case Oushak rugs help unify the disparate elements in a room into a beautiful environment for living.

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