Oushak Rugs Nurture the Emotions in 4 Chic Interiors

The rooms in our homes offer more than just a place to dwell in. Each space in a home has the ability generate emotions. Oushak rugs can greatly assist in accentuating the emotions evoked and experienced in a room. Here, we will provide you with four perfect examples of how Oushak rugs bring a room to life with feeling. We invite you to imagine being in each room and experience these feelings as if you were really there.

Feel Snug as a Bug with Oushak Rug

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A cream, beige and grey oushak rug creates a harmonious seating area by the fireplace. Photo courtesy Providence Design.

The subtle dark gray ivy pattern laid gently upon the creamy gray background of this Oushak rug, in itself, creates a subtle ambiance of serenity. From the ground level, the light gray hue of this Oushak rug contrasts attractively against the darker, distressed wood flooring. The coloration of this rug harmonizes with similarly tinted furniture, drawing direct attention to the area before the fireplace. The beige tinted stone surrounding the fireplace is complimented by the shades of gray below, completely embracing the dark black color of the fireplace in soft tones. This aesthetically pleasing arrangement will surely establish relaxing emotions for its inhabitants. 

Bring on Romance with Oushak Rug

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A cream, coral and gold Oushak rug adds warmth and a romantic atmosphere to this master bedroom and seating area designed by Michael S. Smith. Image courtesy Michael S. Smith.

When we think of passion, the color red often comes to mind. The Oushak rug in this California Hideout room takes the sentimental feeling provided by the color red and infuses it with refined patterns and embellishments adorning a soft cream base to create the perfect picture of elegant romance. The flow of coloration between the furniture and the Oushak rug beneath provide a near illusion that the rug and furniture are one with each other. This alliance in decor can finely enhance your own feelings of unity. The more laid back underlying creams of the Oushak rug assist in drawing attention to the pure white bedding lightly accented with a closely matching throw, implementing indulgence in sophistication with a slight hint of romantic qualities. 

Make Guests Feel Welcome with Oushak Rug

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A cream and coral Oushak rug adds creates an inviting and invigorating ambiance in this dining room by Suzanne Kassler. Image courtesy Suzanne Kassler. 

Dining if often a period of conversational engagement. It is only fair that your decor be just as alluring as the room in which this time will be spent. This lovely floral coral on cream Oushak rug directly contrasts against the green walls, creating an appealing, captivating space. The floral pattern corresponds with that of the dining chairs. However, the strong differences in colors work together to draw attention to each individual aspect of the room. The antique style floral patterns of this Oushak rug provide a welcoming feeling to this vibrantly colored and modern room.

Enjoy Spectacular Seaview with Oushak Rug

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A cream Oushak rug resonates with the cream columns and upholstery and allows you to enjoy the spectacular view from this living room designed by Suzanne Tucker. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The cream tones and gentle patterning of this Oushak rug add a delightful and delicate touch to this highly lightened room. This Oushak rug breaks up the darker appearance of the dark wood flooring to transition into a lighter space. The subtle pattern of the Oushak rug feeds off of the energy of the white pillars to create a smooth and not too overbearing flow. The large window accents the lighter feel of this room within a room, providing the rug with a breath of life. The dark mauve color of the furniture acts as a barrier between the lighter colors to project that perfect sense of rejuvenation.

With their compatibility with almost any interior design, Oushak rugs are the perfect choice in creating the perfect ambiance in your space.

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