Oushak Rugs Promote Restful Sleep: 5 Chic Bedrooms

We all want to retire to a peaceful bedroom for a good night’s rest. It’s this quest for a rejuvinating space that makes bedrooms an excellent interior design project. Any time and resources you spend on creating a space that makes you feel happy and at peace will pay a big dividend in improving your health and your ability to fully enjoy the day. Oushak rugs can play a pivotal role in creating a calming and invigorating environment. Famous interior designers choose Oushak rugs as the soul of stylish and restful bedrooms.

Create a Calm Bedroom with Gray Oushak Rug

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Gray and white interiors can feel very calming and peaceful provided you balance the cool grays by adding warm wood tones. A pale gray Oushak rug with accents of brown is ideal for pulling all the colors of the room together as in the room above. This room is a calm respite from the world – which is what many of us seek in a bedroom. Here, designer Betsy Brown has paired a pale gray Oushak rug with bright white linens, incorporating subtle sheens and textures to bring out the character of the space. “You have to interject elements that add intense personality,” Brown told House Beautiful of the room, which includes a saber-legged ottoman and a gilt convex mirror. Image courtesy of Betsy Brown Interiors.

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Linda McDougald’s Charleston home serves as another excellent example of how a gray Oushak rug helps create a quiet, reflective space that has a warm heart. The brown and gold tones in the furniture connect with the brown and gold accent colors in the Oushak rug to add warmth to the room. McDougald blends styles that resonate with each other. The curves in the antique chandelier resonate with the pattern of the Oushak rug as well as the drapery fabric. The dark oak floors add depth to the space and bring out the beauty of the Oushak rug and all the other furnishings in the room. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Design.

Create Happy Energy with a Neutral Oushak Rug

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If you are hoping to wrap yourself in the happy feeling that comes from soft colors such as aqua, sea green and gold then a great way to create a bedroom with these colors is to start with an Oushak rug that contains some of these colors. Award-winning interior designer Janie K. Hirsch chose a pale Oushak rug with a cream base and muted natural tones to enhance the subtle gilt of the custom frame headboard. The room also showcases a lush variety of textured golden-hued linens and accent hardware along with a Barcelona gold chandelier. The sea green drapes and aqua pillows create a cheerful ambiance. Image courtesy of Janie K. Hirsch, ASID

Bring an Opulent Feeling with Pale Oushak Rug

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By using splashes of gold and yellow – a small table lamp, a very pale blue Oushak rug with pops of gold, a vibrant yellow throw, Designer Michael S. Smith’s created an opulent looking bedroom that also feels serene. The Petworth mirror behind the gilded lamp cleverly amplifies the impact of the gold tones in the lamp. Image by William Abranowicz for House Beautiful.

Create a Serene Bedroom with Pale Blue Oushak Rug

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Liz Williams designed this bedroom for Atlanta Homes Magazine’s 2010 Christmas house. It’s an excellent example of the restful space one can create with an assemblage of objects anchored with the beauty of a pale blue Oushak rug. Williams said, “I wanted it to look collected, and not too ‘matchy’.” The room includes a selection of Rose Tarlow fabrics, paired with an iron bed, Paul Ferrante sconces, and a pale blue Oushak rug circa 1900. Image from Atlanta Home Magazine.

Oushak Rugs Make it Easy to Create Your Own Style

The five beautiful bedrooms in today’s post show the many different moods you can create in a bedroom with an Oushak rug. Look for Oushak rugs made of handspun wool and make sure the rug has not been washed with chemicals to make it look like an antique. Your feet will always be happy to hit the soft and shimmering handspun luxury adorning your floor in the morning. Chose an Oushak rug because you have fallen in love with it, and then let it guide you in choosing fabrics, wall colors and furniture. When you start your room with a rug you love, your interior design will always be in style and provide you years of enjoyment.

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