Paris 2012 Fashion Week Patterns Paired with Decorator Rugs

I have selected some of the most beautiful patterned fabrics from Chanel, Armani and Elie Saab at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012 and paired them with decorator rugs from Asmara. Women’s fashion’s change every season but a good quality decorator rug lasts a lifetime. As the designer for Asmara, I live in the question “What kinds of decorator rugs will always look fashionable”?

decorator rugs, leaf rugs, Tivoli rug

 Elie Saab’s Oscar worthy leaf pattern dress with the Tivoli Decorator Rug in beige and gold.

Decorator rug, aqua rug, Tivoli decorator rug

An artist’s rendering of the Tivoli decorator rug in aqua, green and cream.

decorator rugs, snake skin pattern rug, animal pattern rug, Mosaic rug

Karl Lagerfeld’s animal patterned dress with Mosaic decorator rug inspired by a 2000 year old Roman pavement stones.

decorator rugs, leaf decorator rugs, ArmaniGiorgio Armani always surprises with wonderful textures. This fabric creates the effect of tiny leaves.

decorator rugs, floral rugs, Verain rug

 Elie Saab’s delicate yellow green leaves echo the Verain decorator rugs vines inspired by an antique English silk embroidery.

decorator rug, geometric rug, needlepoint rugs

 Elie Saab’s linear vines with a geometric Asmara needlepoint rug,

decorator rugs, leaf rugs, damask rugs

 Elie Saab’s large scale leaf patterned dress with Major Leaves, a decorator rug in wool and silk.

decorator rugs, decorative rugs, snake skin pattern rugs

Chanel’s blue dots resonate with Zambezi a decorator rug inspired by snake skin.

Decorator rugs, snake pattern decorator rugs, Giorgio Armani

Snake skin inspired prints were strong for both day and night at Armani Privé.

decorator rugs, snake skin patterned rugs, Armani

Armani Privé snake skin fabric detail.

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