Phoebe Howard Sun Room Floats on Blue White Geometric Oriental Rug

blue, white small scale geometric rug, Phoebe Howard sunroom Sea Island GA
Sun rooms should welcome and relax you and your guests and promote a pleasant social atmosphere for smiles and lively conversation.  But sun rooms can be a challenge when decorating because it is easy to over emphasize the sun and make the room less inviting in the summer. A sunroom with too many warm colors can feel hot in summer and decorators plan for this by using a mix of warm and cool colors.  Phoebe Howard does an amazing job in this sun room by using cool blues and aqua in the larger areas such as the rug and the upholstery and then adding warm accent colors such yellow and orange in the painting.
  • Phoebe Howard begins by laying a cooling and soothing blue and white small scale geometric oriental rug.  This rug can gives the feeling of a refreshing pond to cool your feet while relaxing and enjoying the sun and the garden views outside.
  • Carrying the pond analogy further, aqua cushions on dark wicker sofas and chairs offer a cool place to rest and feel calm.
  • The lighting too is calming, and the blue colors make the room feel cooler on hot days. Tall green plants filter the sunlight and connect the sunroom to the garden.
  • Carrying the pond metaphor further, the coffee table is a small “island” for resting drinks.
  • To bring in just enough warmth, Phoebe Howard chose a still life with yellow, orange and plum tones to warm the color palette just enough.

A room like this allows you to wade slowly into deep serenity while enjoying a wonderful day with friends, or just spend a few quiet hours relaxing.

blue and white small scale geomteric rug, Asmara Sigma rug

Phoebe Howard used the hand spun wool textured Sigma 1804BC oriental rug in blue and white for the Sun Room.

Gold, beige small scale geometric oriental rug, Phoebe Howard Sea Island living room

If you like the room to feel warmer you can use a gold rug with a small scale geometric pattern and and balance the warm rug with cool blue drapes and pillows and green plants as in this living room by Phoebe Howard.

Gold, beige small scale geometric oriental rug, Asmara Sigma rug

Sigma 1804 EA oriental rug in gold and beige is handmade with hand spun wool.

blue and white striped oriental rug, Phoebe Howard Sea Island family room

The family room has a cobalt blue and white striped oriental rug with a wonderful texture.

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