Picking Pastel Rugs by Personality

Whether you are a sunny personality or a deep spirit, everyone needs a space that they can retreat to, that they can find peace in. When figuring out how to turn your space into the perfect escape, pastel rugs are a great place to start.
Pastel rugs are beautiful, dusted with grace. Soft colors inspire calm. Pastel rugs can be found in the traditional Easter spectrum and also in the even more muted hues of grays and browns. And building from the ground up, pastel rugs can compose a room of serenity for your space that fits your personality.

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1. Use the Color in Pastel Rugs to Design a Colorful Room

This multicolored rug brings together all the colors used in this living room by Carrier and Company. Using both gray and brown as neutral tones throughout the room, pleasant dashes of color can be found in the decorative pillows, chairs, and the objects on the shelves. 
Combined with some colorful shades and the large windows providing plenty of sunlight, this room brings calm comparable to a warm summer day. Contrast is found, making the dashes of color definitive and distinct like beautiful birds on a blue sky. 

2. Build on the Neutral Colors in Pastel Rugs to Create a Subtle Space

pastel rugs, pastel oushak rugs, Pastel rugs for sale Interior design by Melanie Turner for the 2011 Atlanta Symphony Decorators’ Show House. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes Magazine.

The pastel Oushak rug in this room is a soft neutral beginning for the room. Gold accents are pulled from the rug and used to bring attention to lovely details like the table centerpieces, the bird silhouettes, and the legs of the table against the wall. 
The neutral tones in this room make this a soothing place akin to curling up with a cup of tea on a rainy day. Colors are muted and things blend and fade together like the city behind the rain. 
This room illustrates how colors can be pulled from the rug and made stronger and brighter to provide enriching accents for the room. 

3. Build on the Cool Colors in the Pastel Rug to Balance the Warm Colors in Room

pastel rugs, pastel oushak rugs, Pastel rugs for sale
Designer Charles Faudree chose to build a subtle space off of the pastel rug, rich with blues, aqua, and greens. The soft green in the pastel needlepoint rug is strongly used as an accent color in the room though there is little contrast between the accent and the rest of the decor. 
However, this pastel rug could also be used with more colorful accents. If the blue of the pastel rug was pulled out in the room, filling it with bright blue accents reminiscent of the sea, it would result in a colorful serenity like the first room depicted. Image courtesy Charles Faudree.

Pastel Rugs open many possibilities for you to decorate a room to suit your mood and personality.











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