Pinterest 18 Most Gorgeous Dining Rooms with Decorative Rugs

If you are looking for ideas on how to design stylish and welcoming dining rooms, Pinterest offers a wealth of images, but depending on your taste, you may find the search quite time consuming. So I have selected 18 of the most gorgeous traditional dining rooms on Pinterest. These rooms show how to unify the entire design scheme by selecting a decorative rug that can pull together all the elements in the room.  

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1. This fabulous space is a dining room and library, what more could you want? The blue and coral oriental rug provides the perfect contrast to the yellow walls, doors, windows and bookcases. The ceiling is a lacquered yellow and the yellow continues to the  neoclassical dining chairs. The green chair seats and backs and coral table cloth create a gentle contrast. The crystal chandelier completes the look of elegance. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

charlotte moss yellow Holiday table resized 600

2. Charlotte Moss created pop in this Holiday table by using a yellow table cloth against the blue-green Chinoiserie wall covering. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

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3. Kelly Wearstler evokes the Mikado in this dining room anchored on a high contrast black and pink geometric rug. The black and pink color theme is carried through on the dining chairs, pillows, Chinoiserie cocktail tables, embossed lacquered ceiling and Japanese wall panels. Blue walls provide a cool color to balance the warm pinks in the room. Image courtesy Lonny Magazine.

red gold Christmas table settting

4. A beautiful and sophisticated tomato red, yellow and gold Christmas table setting. The green in the red floral arrangement provides a cool color to contrast and balance the warm reds and golds. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs. 

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The Kos Oushak Rug has a golden beige background with accents of red and green with hundreds of shade variations which naturally occur in hand spun wool. This rug provides the perfect anchor for the red and gold table setting above. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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5. Eileen Kathryn Boyd mixes several high energy black and white and brown and cream patterns harmoniously on a cream and brown geometric rug. The fuchsia chair cushions creates pop and enlivens the room. Image courtesy Lonny Magazine.

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6. Linda McDougald’s dining room in her Charleston home has calm and modern color palette of cream, white and gray along with dark-stained oak floors, antique lighting and a mix of modern and antique objects all unified by an Oushak rug in tones of silver and gray. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Designs.

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The Kiraz Oushak Rug is perfect for the dining room above. The rug has grays, white, blue and browns in subtle shade variations that occur naturally in hand dyed, hand spun wool. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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7. After her divorce from Stanislaw Radziwill in 1974, Lee Radziwill moved to this sunny apartment on Park Avenue. Lee said the furnishings in this room such as the black, cream and gold Bessarabian rug, the Regency dining table and the Duke of Beaufort botanicals reminded her of Turville her English country manor house where she lived with her husband. Image courtesy Cote de Texas Blog. More on Lee Radziwill’s homes.

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8. A Directoire Savonnerie Oriental rug in olive greens and pomegranate reds inspired by a neoclassical Adams ceiling is the perfect complement for this Federal style dining room designed by Bunny Williams featured on the cover of House and Garden Magazine. Image courtesy House & Garden.

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9. A blue-grey Oushak rug with a tonal pattern provides a sophisticated backdrop for the fine antique dining table, chairs, magnificent crystal chandelier, scenic wall covering and table lamps in this New Orleans dining room designed by Ann Holden and Ken Tate. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

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The Lycia BB Oushak Rug will provide the ideal anchor for the dining rooms above and below. The rug is handmade with handspun wool and contains many shades of blue, green, brown, taupe and cream. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

blue damask textured rug dining room

10. A white crystal chandelier lends a romantic air, the Chinoiserie wall panel, blue and white porcelain and dining chairs slip-covered in blue and white plaid fabric add a vibrant energy to this dining room. The warm wood tones of the dining table balance the cool blues and a blue and dark brown cut and loop rug with a damask pattern pulls together all the elements in the room into a beautiful composition. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

blue oushak rug dining room

1. This handsome traditional dining room strikes just the right balance with it’s blue and white porcelain, crystal chandelier and landscape painting with rich gold frame all anchored by a blue, cream and gold oriental rug. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

Blue and gold Spanish rug, blue and gold damask rug, Savonnerie rug, 17th century Spanish rug

Morena Savonnerie rug would enrich the dining room above. The rug’s gold and blue damask pattern is inspired by a 17th century Spanish rug. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

blue rug, blue and white rug, blue geometric rug

12. White barrel shaped dining chairs with purplish-blue silk fabric add a modern vibe to this stunning dining room. The cream, green and blue Chinoiserie wall covering and crystal chandelier add a romantic and elegant touch. A pale cream and blue rug pulls together all the elements in the room.  Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.


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Bombay CBL Needlepoint Rug is an ideal complement for the above dining room. Its elegant geometric pattern echoes the shape of the dining chairs and its cream and soft blue works as subtle backdrop for the modern and traditional elements in the room. Also available in other colors. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


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13. Lime green walls pop against the cream and coral Oushak rug which provides a warm balance to the cool greens and blue in this stunning dining room by Suzanne Kassler. Image courtesy Suzanne Kassler.

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14. The eye moves around this beautiful New Orleans dining room because lighter and darker shades of the coral are used throughout the room starting with the cream and coral Oushak rug. Image courtesy the Cote de Texas Blog.

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The Anatolia PC Oushak Rug is ideal for the two dining rooms above. The rug has a coral background with yellow, green and cream accents and has subtle shade variations which result from the hand dyed, hand spun wool.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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15. The coral accents in the cream and gray Oushak rug add a vibrant energy to Lynn Bay Dayton’s remodeled dining area in Boston designed by Michael Carter. The tan sofa adds warm tones to balance the cool grey and blues in the room Interior design by Michael Carter.

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16. A dark blue rug with an oval medallion anchors Tony Duquette’s interior design and jewelry studio which was redecorated by Hutton Wilkinson in 2000. Many of the objects and art are by Tony and Elizabeth Duquette. The sunburst screen designed by Wilkinson is made with hubcaps. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

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17. This chic dining room mixes white and tan Klismos dining chairs with a black oval dining table and contemporary portraits all anchored by a cream and beige geometric rug in a Greek key pattern. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

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18. A stunning dining room by architect Maurice Fatio who was the inspiration for Cole Porters 1930’s song “I want to live on Maurice Fatio’s patio..” . The cool greys and blues on the walls, drapes, ceiling and neoclassical fireplace are warmed by the beige geometric rug and the dark wood dining table. Image courtesy Pinterest Dining Room Rugs.

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