Pinterest’s 12 Most Stylish Interiors with Decorator Rugs

 Pinterest has become the largest source of links for interior designers and decorative rugs.

In March I attended the 2012 Design Bloggers Confrence in Los Angeles along with over 260 interior designers. Many of the leading inerior designers revealed that Pinterest had become the biggest source of new links to their blogs and websites. This power has been acquired in a few short months since the inception of Pinterest.

Pinterest now offers a wider spectrum of  interior decorating styles that range from low to high, contemporary to traditional and everthing in between.

Since my first blog post explaining how Pinterest works last February, there has bee a huge expansion in the number of interior designers and everyone else interested in interior design and lifestyle. There are now hundreds if not thousands of boards that would be of interest to anyone interested in interior design and decorative rugs.

Yesterday I searched through scores of boards to come up with the 12 most stylish interiors with decorative rugs featured on Pinterest. I hope you enjoy the selection.

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1. A vibrantly colored oriental rug with red, gold, blue and white is the star if this contemporary dining room. While the grey dining table and chairs are contemporary, every other element in this dining room is traditional- the architectural moldings, chandelier, fireplace and the commode. The contemporary look comes the white walls, black lacquered floor and the contemporary dining table. Pinterest sources: Repinned from dining, Missy Britton-Simmons via Christine.

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2. All the elments in this stunning living room are traditional and yet the room feels contemporary with a sophisticated and romantic ambiance. The contemporary look is achieved by using a color palette of greys and white. It is rare to find an Oushak rug with a contemporary color palette of grey and dark taupe, but if you can find such a rug, it allows you to create contemporary rooms with a lot of depth and layering. Pinterest Source: Repinned from, Elizabeth.

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3. The colors in this high style living room are unusual, but work together beautifully. The eye catching purple and white Greek key rug covers the largest surface area in this picture. An aubergine sofa has a red chair on one side and a blue chair on the other side. Red and blue are analogous colors of purple. Yellow is on the opposite end of the color wheel from purple, so it yellow pillows on the aubergine sofa serve to create pop. The goat stool legs are a reference to Pan the Greek god of fertility and nature here seen on a Greek-key rug. The mirrored coffee table is the final touch. Pinterest Source: Repinned from, Fashionlatitude by Gabrielle.

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4. This modern living room makes reference to the Neoclassical period with the faux painted wall and fireplace seen through an arched doorway. The beige and gold geometric decorative rug pulls together an English Regency coffee table, a French chair upholstered in a blue and white porcelain motif fabric and a cream sofa. Pinterest Source: Jennifer Katatumba

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 5  This room could be from the Cairo scenes in the movie The English Patient. A white Moroccan table and white upholstered hair and white leather pouf sit on a beige and white decoratve rug. The beige specks in the rug tie in with the beige piping and beige throw on the chair. Pinterest Source: Repinned from,.jpg, Missy Britton-Simmons

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6.The stone walls, stone floor, French windows with weathered shutters all remind us of an ancient farmhouse in Provence. The cream and gold Oushak rug on the right warms and softens this living room. Pinterest Source: Repinned from Decorating Styles, Elisabeth via Antiques & Vintage Finds Scott Antique Show, Atlanta Ga.

Needlepoint rugs, geometric rugs, coral and gold rugs 7. The coral red and gold geometric needlepoint rug brings drama and energy to this living room. The soft green of the ottoman and the pale blue on the walls are complimentary colors to the coral red of the needlepoint rug. The brown of the sofa is an analogous color and ties all the colors together. Pinterest Source: Repinned from Home Fetish, Abbey Grimes via Jennifer Pebbles.

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8. The color palatte in this library is very similar to the living room in image 7, except that the colors are distributed in different objects. The coral ottoman sits on a gold and white geometric rug surrounded by neutral beige upholstery and dark brown walls. The blue lamp base provides the pop from the opposite end of the color wheel. Pinterest Source: Repinned from Home Inspiration, Antiques & Vintage Finds Scott Antique Show, Atlanta Ga via Arre Fuller.

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9. Here is another library with a simillar color palette to the library in image 8, but again the colors are distributed slightly differently. The grey and white geometric rug provides the neutral canvas on which two cobalt blue French chairs, a blue lamp, a red chair against the wall and the yellow in the tiger print create pop. The brown walls hold all the color together and accentute the drama. Pinterest Source: Elizabeth Touw.

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10. The linear strie lines in the beige and cream contemporary rug are complemented by the modernized curves in the upholstered chairs. The glass coffee table introduces a square shape and the orange pillows add pop. Pinterest Source: Repinned from Living Spaces, Elisabeth via Interiors 360 Lisa Springer.

Decorative rugs, decorative area rugs, decorator rugs, contemporary rugs

11. A taupe and blue contemporary rug anchors a round dining table and blue barrel shaped dining chairs. The circles in the drapery echo the round shape of the dining table and the curving stair case. The coral motif in the blue and taupe contemporaray rug enriches the room with an organic element.  Pinterest Source: Danielle Davies via Kaitlyn Nolan , repinned from the home.

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12. The circles in the silver grey and taupe wool and silk contemporary rug balance the many square shapes in this double height living and dining space. The silver grey-blue and taupe colors in the contemporary rug span the color palette of grey, grey-blue and cream of the fabrics and walls. The dark brown adds warmth. Pinterest Source: Repinned from Design Inspirations Dream Home, Danielle Davies via Jessica Rydell.

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