Red Rugs Add Drama to 4 Interiors

Red commands attention more than any other color in a room. It is a color that can’t be ignored and is often used to stimulate the senses and stir emotion. However, in order to use red properly, you must understand its power and use it with confidence. The perfect red rug demands attention and demonstrates bold character. The four rooms in today’s post make a strong statement with beautiful red rugs that help to define the space and rebel against the color-shy.

Create Luxurious Library with Red Geometric Rug

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Alex Papachristidis has never been one to shy away from the bold. His Manhattan apartment is no exception. Photo courtesy Richard Powers and Elle Decor.

In this library, lush jewel tones and 18th century accessories create a kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes. The red, pink, and purple zig-zag rug is Papachristidis’ own design. The custom rug unites the seemingly mismatched elements in the room such as the Ikat upholstery, gold cocktail table, and velvet deep bluish-purple wall covering. The finishing touch, artwork by Rob Wynne, adds an exotic element to the luxurious space. Red pillows move the eyes from the red rug up to the sofa and then to the artwork and textured purple walls. The room has an interesting layering of many shades of red, pink and purple. Warm tones are added by the gold sconces that pop agaisnt the purple walls and by the gold cane Chinoiserie coffee table.

Add Elegance to Sitting Room with Red Oriental Rug

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Carolina Irving’s Long Island living room pairs a worn red oriental rug with a Directoire sofa covered in red raw silk to create a casual yet elegant look. The hanging Suzani embroidery, a gift from Christian Louboutin, is an interesting alternative to paint or wallpaper. A floor-length antique mirror creates additional visual interest in the room. The worn red and gold Oriental rug gives the space a sense of sophistication and elegance while the Charles X chair upholstered in a floral chintz fabric confirms Irving’s flair for textiles. Photo courtesy Vogue Living.

Add Bohemian Flair with Red Rugs

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In Angie Hranowsky’s den the combination of reds and blues creates a relaxed and free-spirited space. Notice how Hranowsky mixes shades of red in the vintage tufted sofa, roman shades, and red and blue rug.  Don’t be afraid to mix shades, especially when you are going for a more bohemian look. As the designer aptly points out, “Too much matching makes for bland design.” The look is completed with subdued Asian screens and an antique brass tray table. Photo courtesy Lonny Magazine.

Make it Hot with Bright Red Rugs

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This Los Angeles apartment is red hot! The home of Ames Ingham shines with light and color. The wicker 1980s sofa is a wonderful blank canvas for a splash of bright purple, red, and fuchsia pillows. These colors are also reflected in the tall tripod lamp, the vibrantly colorful Asian screen, and the fun white and red geometric rug. The mantle is personalized with family photos and original artwork. Photo courtesy Domino Magazine.

The power of red is undeniable, but how you choose to utilize that power is up to you. Choose a red Oriental rug for elegance or a geometric red rug for a pop of bright color. However you choose to use red, make sure you do it with confidence. Red is a bold color that requires bold choices.

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