Red Rugs Add Intensity and Vitality to 4 Stunning Interiors

Red is a versatile color that has more cultural associations than any other color.  In Chinese culture, red is associated with good luck and prosperity.  Frank Lloyd Wright often used red as his signature.  Red is a color with intensity, vitality and power which makes it an excellent choice for bold decorating. Red rugs provide a beautiful foundation for this power color and are available in a variety of shades – from deep rust to bright cherry red as we shall in these four stunning interiors.  

Create Crisp Modern Room with Striped Red Rug

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This clean and tasteful room in the Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré hotel designed by Michele Bonan is warmed by a striped grey and red rug. Image courtesy Habitually Chic Blog.

A grey sofa with tonal silver stripes that go at right angles to the stripes in the red rug adds an interesting interplay.  White drapes with a thin, red border along the edges also complement the stripes within the room and bring the eyes upward towards a bright white ceiling with beams that form another striped pattern.  The use of stripes in the rug, sofa, curtains, and ceiling invoke the minimalist accents of modern design, and give the room a stylish and cozy appeal.

Create Chic Rustic Bedroom with Contemporary Red Rug

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Michael Formica chose a mosaic pattern red rug to add sophistication to this cozy bedroom with mid-century modern furniture. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The use of many shades of red, orange and coral give this room an interesting look and a warm feeling.  A coral colored sofa accentuates the maroon red rug and brings out the beauty of the natural wood cabinets on the wall.  An olive green comforter gives the room a natural, earthy feel that complements the dark red and orange accents.  Orange stripes and an orange floral print on the headboard and comforter coordinate with the sofa. Wood paneling and lamps with tree like branches give the room the rustic feel of a country house.

Create Vibrant Living Room with Floral Red Rug

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In this living room by Diamond Baratta, robin’s egg blue and red rug prominently features a cherry motif with cherry red rings woven throughout. Image courtesy Diamond Baratta.

The sofa, also with a cherry motif, features red throw pillows with a silky sheen.  Mint green walls resonate with the green leaves in the rug, and upholstered chairs in a green and white fabric add a cute flair to the room.  Because cherry red has pink undertones, the room has a high energy, playful and flirtatious feel that goes well with the pastel hues.  

Create Light Filled Cozy Seating Area with Red Geometric Rug

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This inviting seating are features a cream on brick-red geometric rug. The walls and sofa are also in a bright white, which showcases the contrast of the geometric design and makes the room feel light and airy. Photo: Laurey W. Glenn. Image courtesy Southern Living.

To play up the warm tones of the rug, the designer uses natural wood finishes and burnished gold accents. A tan Suzani fabric in a natural weave with pops of purple, maroon, and orange embroidery gives the room personality.  A sleepy, yet alert white dog is optional.

Red rugs evoke a variety of moods and come in a myriad shades of red.  Red rugs can provide boldness, as seen with the modern, striped interior, and can also provide a feminine appeal, or they can give a room warmth and energy.  Rustic spaces can benefit from dark, earthy or orange-reds, and contemporary spaces benefit from maroon reds.  Red complements a variety of warm and cool color palettes, and red rugs add personality and vitality to a space. 

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