Red Rugs Add Sizzle to 4 Interiors

Red is a real heavy hitter among all the colors available to an interior designer. Choosing to use a red rug as the anchor for your next interior project is a bold step toward creating a personal statement that engages visitors from the moment they set foot in the area. Today we’re going to take a peek at four interiors where red rugs helped the designer create a stunning room.

Choose a Red Rug to Add a Punch of Color

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The Designer chose a red rug in an exotic oriental pattern to add energy and drama to this living room. Photo courtesy of

Designer Christina Murphy is well known for saying “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.” Perhaps red rugs are among the best tools for providing those punches of color. In this eclectic siting area, we find a truly bohemian collection of objects and a decadent gold-trimmed red settee. The dark wood allows the deep pink accents on the chandelier to truly light up the space. And the rich red rug simply sings “welcome home” at the base of the room.

Use a Red Rug to Provide Harmony with the Elements

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Intricate wood carvings and floods of natural light pair wonderfully with a boldly patterned red rug in this music room. Photo courtesy of

In smaller spaces, the boldness of a red rug can serve as a balance for other elements to give visitors a little extra room to breathe. Here, we see a music room rich with gorgeous wood accents and a galleried viewing area. The space is confined, but doesn’t feel cramped due to the combination of large windows providing natural light and the directional patterns on the red rug at the core of the space. Using red rugs with subtle environmental queues is a great way to enhance the wholeness of any interior. 

Red Rugs Bring a Vivid Modern Interior

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Stunning use of a contemporary red rug to enhance a modern New York interior by Doug Meyer. Photo Courtesy Doug & Gene Meyer Studio.

Because red is a primary color, it lends a timeless feel to any space with ease. This makes it compatible with any era, any style. Here, we see stylish, modern furnishing heightened by a red rug with bold accents. The result is a sitting area that provides an enchanting dose of drama and elegance that is echoed in red highlights you can pick out on features in adjoining areas of the home.

Accentuate the Elegance of Your Space with a Red Rug

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Decorator Miles Redd chose a red rug with an intricate oriental pattern in red and deep blue for the base of this NYC living room. Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Elle Décor.

This vibrant living room echoes the energy of the young family Redd designed it for, framing the natural light from the windows in delightful red-trimmed silks. The red Louis XVI-style bergére and soft linen upholstered sofa invite guests to relax and be enveloped in the effervescent energy of the space. The room’s rich texture is owed at least in part to the felt that lines the walls, but equal credit should go to the antique red oriental rug.

Red Rugs for the Heart of Your Home

Whether you’re hoping to add a splash of color or make a unique statement, red rugs have plenty to offer your interior plans. Choosing a quality red rug for your next interior design project will do two things: put your definitive personal mark on the space and give visitors something unique to remember. 



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