Red Rugs Bring Holiday Cheer and Glamour: 4 Stylish Rooms

The great outdoors can seem dreary as winter arrives for a long stay. However, good interior design featuring red rugs can provide both a festive lift and a year-round boost for you and your guests. Red is a highly emotive color, imparting feelings of love, warmth, and comfort – not just good tidings for this festive season, but worthwhile qualities for your home to have all year round. Today, we’re going to look at how four top designers have used red rugs to bring out the best in living rooms and bedrooms.

Cozy Fireplace Seating Area with Antiques and Red Rug

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A red oriental rug adds warmth and elegance to this fireplace seating area and provides a perfect backdrop for holiday decorations in this grand traditional living room. Photo courtesy of

Our first stop on the red rug road today is this divine holiday setting – showing that seasonal decor can be simple. Using a red oriental rug as the foundation for this classical interior provides ample opportunity for the homeowner to showcase their festive spirit without demanding the whole home be re-decorated in January. Many quality rugs feature red as a dominant color because it has an instant emotional appeal.

Bring Stately Charm and Warmth to Living Room with Red Rug

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A red oriental rug graces the library of Ralph Lauren’s Bedfordshire home encapsulating the quintessential refinement you’d expect from him. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

This library exemplifies the axiom that a room “should feel collected, not decorated” – the combination of fabrics, fine art, interesting objects and much-loved furnishings make it easy to be comfortable in the space. The choice of a red oriental rug for the room’s foundation brings plenty of warmth and vigor to the room, whether the fire is blazing or not.

Bring Warm Energy to Modern Bedroom with Red Rug

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Designer Michele Bonan chose a striped red rug to bring chic style and warmth to a bedroom seating area in the recently-opened Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré hotel in Paris. Photo: Brittany Ambridge. Image courtesy Domino Magazine.

At the recently-opened Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honoré hotel in Paris, Bonan’s signed the project off with gusto – bold colors accent modern furnishings and carefully-selected classical details to create a chic, youthful space where guests will relish their time. Here, the bold choice of a striped red rug visually expands the space and adds warmth and a feeling of comfort.

Bring Parisian Romance to Bedroom with Red Aubusson Rug

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Richard Keith Langham chose an Aubusson rug with red accents to set a romantic atmosphere in this guest bedroom in a Mississippi home. Photo: Pieter Estersohn. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Red is seductive, charming and tantalizing. Choosing a red rug as the foundation of a bedroom can turn an ordinary sleep chamber into a unique, romantic retreat. Here, Langham combines numerous patterns and textures to create a festival for the senses, all anchored on a decadent Aubusson rug packed with red flashes. The red rug works to pull the combination of fabrics and patterns together, creating an irrestible atmosphere of enticing welcome.

Red Rugs Bring Cheer During Holidays and Glamour All Year Round

Whether you’re considering bringing a red rug into the bedroom, living room, library, or other space, you can find a red rug that will provide you a foundation for personalizing the space and bring style and warmth to your home. The ability to easily transition seasonal decorative elements in and out of the space by tying them to the accent colors in a red rug is just one perk these rugs offer savvy decorators. Consider red rugs when you wish to add a spark for the holidays and an inviting atmosphere all year round.

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