Red Rugs Evoke Emotion in 4 Interiors

Red was one of the first dyes that the early humans discovered and it is one of the first colors used in paintings, pottery, and fabric. Our ancestors have been using the color red for thousands of years, and over this time we have developed a strong emotional attachment to this color. Today we associate red with romance, passion, danger and power. Using red rugs in your home can evoke powerful emotions while drawing attention to the most unique elements in the room.

Floral Red Rugs Give Your Design a Fresh Feel

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Traditional meets English countryside in this sitting room. This space by Diamond Baratta features mint and red, a refreshing combination. Photo courtesy Diamond Barrata Designs.

Though many people wouldn’t think to pair a floral red rug and a floral red sofa, these two elements provide a fresh yet rustic look. A backdrop of mint green transforms the simple paneling into something truly spectacular. The nautical painting and blue and white toile lamps add just enough masculine energy to balance the floral couch and rug. Diamond Barrata are well-known for their use of rugs to add interest to rooms, and this space is no exception.

Romantic Red Rug Sets Scene for Decadence
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This rich Oriental rug sets a romantic tone for the room. Casual and chic accessories harmonize with bold shades of red. Photo courtesy Hertex.

Dark brown and red are highlighted in this wistful and elegant living room. The luxurious red and gold settee begs visitors to stay, read, laugh, and dream. The decorative chandelier adds to the room’s opulent atmosphere. The designer uses mirrors on the top shelf to give the illusion of a larger space. Replicate this look with you choice of mirrors and a red oriental rug.

Use Red Rugs to Enhance Classical Details

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Carolyne Roehm’s bedroom in Connecticut is a tribute to classical design. The color red heightens emotion and showcases the classical elements in this room. Photo courtesy Carolyne Roehm.

As a former assistant to Oscar de la Renta, Carolyne Roehm has a flair for color. This space uses red to its full advantage, highlighting the classical details that Roehm is famous for. If you are looking for a stylish way to use red in a room, try one of Roehm’s tricks. Pair red with a conversation piece such as the cast bronze heron pedestal table shown in this room. A beautiful red rug can make any antique look even more glamorous.

Create a Majestic Parisian Look with Red Rugs

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L’Wren Scott’s dining room is an unforgettable Parisian delight. You may recognize L’Wren Scott as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, but this fashion designer also has an eye for interiors. Photo: François Halard. Image courtesy Vogue Magazine

Scott’s French apartment houses a myriad of design surprises including her exquisite dining room. The incredibly detailed red rug is the centerpiece of this majestic dining room. The room also features a custom made table by Christophe Delcourt and modern gray lacquered chairs. Some of Scott’s favorite antique mirrors add a personal touch to the mantel.

During the Renaissance, red was often used to draw attention to certain important elements. This is a great trick for designers. An appropriately placed red rug can enhance your decor and evoke strong emotion. When choosing a red rug, definitely go with your gut feeling. How does the shade of red make you feel? What kind of emotion are you trying to communicate in the room? If you still aren’t sure, use the four interiors from today’s post to find the perfect inspiration for your space.

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