Reduce Holiday Stress in 4 Spaces Calmed by Oushak Rugs

According to the authoritative Mayo Clinic, “The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests- stress and depression. And it’s no wonder. The holidays present a dizzying array of demands- parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few”. The Mayo Clinic’s 10
Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression
includes this advice: “Make some time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do”. Finding a space in your home that makes you feel relaxed and where you can get away from it all is very important to have at any time of the year, but never more so than during the holidays. Each of us has different preferences for places that feel restful and replenishing. Some like the cozy privacy that only a bedroom can provide while others may find it more relaxing to be among family in a traditional dining room. Rugs are an important factor in creating a feeling of security and calm in any room. Oushak rugs are particularly effective because their luxurious texture, soft colors and ancient patterns are excellent at creating both calmness and elegance in a room as the four rooms below demonstrate.

Dine Serenely in Traditional Elegance

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This Richard Keith Langham designed dining room in a Mississippi home feels serene, calm and reassuring because of the red and warm wood tones of the traditional dining chairs and table and the light reflected from the cream, grey and beige Oushak rug. Photo: Pieter Estersohn. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

When creating a dining space that feel calm and nurturing with rich, re-assuring details, it is imperative to consider your choice of rug carefully. In this case, designer Richard Keith Langham’s choice of a cream, grey and beige Oushak rug is pure perfection. The intricate floral pattern of the Oushak rug provides both realism and a palette of unifying shades which subtly guides guests through the visual feast provided by the green silk curtains, riverboat-themed wallpaper and crystal accented lighting on display.

Bask in Healing Sunlight

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The over-sized windows and lofted ceiling of this Manhattan living room allow you to enjoy rejuvenating sunlight and enjoy the chic mix of modern and traditional furniture anchored by a reassuring cream, blue and gold Oushak rug. Photo: William Waldron. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Basking in the healing light of the sun, you can relax in this contemporary living room and enjoy the artful mix of modern and traditional  furnishings anchored by an antique Oushak rug chosen by designers Milly de Cabrol Ltd and Risteárd Keating. The combination of cool whites and warmer brown tones with the crisp green foliage infuses the room with energy. The geometric patterns in the Oushak rug help unify the space, enhancing the sleek feel while providing a grounding effect that makes you feel secure and re-assured.

Create Calm by Mixing Rustic and Refined Elements

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Designer Tammy Connor created a calm and soothing atmosphere by mixing rustic wood beams with a softly colored Oushak rug. Photo courtesy of

Alabama interior designer Tammy Connor used an Oushak rug to enhance the feeling calmness and comfort in this living room. She mixed chic traditional and modern furnishings into one wonderful space. The rustic wood ceiling beams bring a comforting natural element and also reflect and spill sunlight all across the room. The Oushak rugs cream, blue and beige accent colors pull together all the fabric, furniture and wall colors into a harmonious composition.

Relax in Romantic Beauty

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This romantic bedroom designed by John Bobbitt provides a private space where you can get away from it all while surrounded by the beauty of the pale apricot and white canopy bed and a cream and blue Oushak rug. Photo courtesy of

The classical queues in this light-flooded bedroom evoke a fairytale feel. The subtle gilt accents, intricate details on the walls, and sumptuous canopy bed set work in harmony with the lyrical pattern of the cream and blue Oushak rug to create a wistful space in which the resident can relax and rejuvenate or drift to peaceful sleep.

The four rooms show spaces that feel calming, rejuvenating and reassuring. I hope they will spark ideas for bringing these qualities to the special spaces in your home.

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