Remembering Oscar de la Renta’s Stylish Interiors with Decorative Rugs

The interiors and decorative rugs in Oscar de la Renta’s many homes reflect the same classical elegance as his beautiful dresses cherished by women all over the world and favored by every American first lady from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michelle Obama. Vogue in their tribute to de la Renta, last week, noted that his elegant interiors seemed to be in a constant dialog with his runway fashions. de la Renta had a passion for patterns and colors and his urbane taste ranged from exotic Central Asian silk Ikat to intricate Elizabethan Palempore; from jewel-like Chinoiserie to stately Greek architectural motifs. Today we celebrate de la Renta’s most memorable interiors with decorative rugs.


Oscar and Annette de la Renta at their home in Connecticut in 2008.



Annette and Oscar de la Renta in their Park Avenue, New York library. A gold decorative rug complements yellow walls, white trim and classical architectural motifs reminiscent of Nancy Lancaster and John Fowler.


The Sigma EA oriental rug expresses the classic Greek key pattern in a textured rug handmade with hand spun wool. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


The blue and white bedroom Oscar de la Renta shared with first wife Françoise de Langlade, who died in 1983, looks as fashionable today as when it was created. A blue and white floral needlepoint rug complements Greek key motifs and a Chinoiserie wall covering custom made in Hong Kong after one in Pauline de Rothschild’s famous bedroom.


The Ascot DB needlepoint rug expresses a classic equestrian motif and is handmade with hand spun wool. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Osar de la Renta demonstrates how to mix many patterns–keep them in the same color palette. Here a blue and white striped rug pulls together several blue and white geometric fabrics and two Chinese porcelain patterns.


The Bunbry GY needlepoint rug is handmade with hand spun wool. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



A cream Dhurrie rug in a faded blue and gold geometric pattern complements classical architectural elements in Oscar de la Renta’s living room in Punta Cana. 


A blue and gold striped flat-weave rug compliments reddish-coral walls and a cream canopy bed dressed in a vibrant chintz fabric favored by Mrs. de la Renta. The 18th century pearl-inlay Portuguese secretary desk was purchased from Rose Cummings in the 1960’s.


The Tenerife needlepoint rug has a nubby texture and is handmade with hand spun wool. Coral and orange stripes are complemented by sage and apple green. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


The ultimate “bed-sit” is how Mrs. de la Renta described this combination of living room, library and bedroom in their home in Kent, Connecticut. Stately Corinthian pilasters, antique French and English textiles and Louis XVI armchairs are anchored by a rustic sisal rug which makes the room look refined without being stuffy.


In the de la Renta’s bedroom in Kent, Connecticut, a brown and gold English floral rug complements a Tudor canopy bed and a Robert Kime fabric in an Elizabethan pattern.


The Kirov J oriental rug is handmade with hand spun wool in a textured French Savonnerie weave. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Oscar de la Renta oriented the entire room so the view from the bed through large Palladian window was of the gardens and sculpture of Diane de la Chasse aligned along an allée of tall pear trees.


A red floral Aubusson rug anchors a multitude of ornate objects and rich colors in a “more is more” style that only Oscar de la Renta could pull off with such panache. 


 The Adria Aubusson rug 5813R is inspired by an 18th century English Axminster carpet.

Images courtesy Vogue and Asmara, Inc.

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