Savonnerie Carpets Bring Prestige and Style to 3 Interiors

It is common knowledge that Savonnerie carpets are the most prestigious amongst all rugs. Antique Savonnerie rugs made for Louis XVI fetch millions of dollars at Sotheby’s and Christies auctions. Interior designers have incorporated these colorful rugs into some of the most exquisite and sophisticated rooms across the world. The variety of colors and patterns found in Savonnerie rugs impart a prestigious personality to a room. The saying “Less is More” clearly doesn’t apply to these rugs. In fact there is now a Pinterest board titled “Less is a Bore” in which rooms with Savonnerie rugs are prominently featured.

Designer Albert Hadley once said that “the essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.” While we have seen Savonnerie rugs in regal looking rooms, these are not the only kind of interiors that can benefit from the unique charm of a Savonnerie rug. The three interiors in today’s post show how to decorate with Savonnerie rugs in a way that serves how the owner of the home lives and not some impersonal and grandiose style.

Design a Grand Living Room with Savonnerie Rug

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This colorful room uses rich golds and blues to create a memorable impression. A Savonnerie rug with a luxurious scrolling pattern supports gold and blue fabrics and a scenic wall tapestry. The dynamic pattern of the rug moves the eye all across the room so all the rich objects can be appreciated.

This exquisite details and unique objects in this room are brought together with an elegant Savonnerie rug. The classic living room contains a gold sofa, blue chairs, and a scenic tapestry on a richly paneled wall. The gold and blue colors are distributed evenly all across the rug’s grand design enveloping the room with a feeling of luxury. A white ceiling creates contrast and reflects light make the room look well lit. A crystal chandelier and antique lamps complete the elegant look.

  Bring Elegance to a Rustic Library with Savonnerie Rug

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Rustic flair and sophisticated elegance combine in this library stocked with beautiful antiques gathered from around the world. The Savonnerie rug brings color, warmth and elegance to this inviting room in Saint Moritz, Switzerland designed by Studio Peregalli. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This rustic collection is an excellent showcase of beautiful Italian antiques. The stunning painted ceiling dates to the 16th century and brings a stately atmosphere to a room that already has plenty of engaging features. The leather-clad armchairs keep the 16th century theme alive while inviting guests to sit down with one of the many antique books. A white brick fireplace helps guide the eyes away from the wall and onto the impressive shelving. The Savonnerie rug adds elegance and a splash of color in a room that has a lot of brown tones.

Create an Intimate Setting with Savonnerie Rugs

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While this dining room is actually quite large, those enjoying it feel the warmth of a more intimate setting. Using an oval-shaped Savonnerie rug London based interior designer Nicholas Haslam keeps the focus on the intimate dining area. Image courtesy Nicholas Haslam.

We often see Savonnerie rugs in rooms with lots of patterns, but here we see a Savonnerie rug be the main pattern in a room that has subdued colors and subtle patterns. The rug’s radiating motifs serve to create an intimate grouping around the dining table.

The curving sihouttes of the chairs resonate with the oval rug and the brown wood tones of the furniture link up with the brownish-purple in the rug. The cozy area draws in guests and encourages them to sit down. The lively shades of blue and unique pattern of the rug add a one-of-a-kind flair to this room.

Each of the three interiors is very different from the other and show that you do not have to follow one set way of decorating with Savonnerie rugs. In fact Savonnerie rugs allow you to follow Albert Hadley’s advice and design an individually styled room that is about how the homeowner lives.

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