Savonnerie Rugs Add Drama and Flair to 4 Interiors

Savonnerie rugs are famous for their regal style and excellent craftsmanship.  Loved by French royalty for centuries, Savonnerie rugs are elegant and perfect for those looking to decorate with a traditional, but dramatic, flair.  Their glorious colors and sophisticated color palettes make them an excellent anchor for a variety of decorating styles. Savonnerie rugs are particularly effective in pulling together interiors that have a mix of modern and traditional furniture and art.

Design a Modern Living Room with Colorful Savonnerie Rug

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This soft and romantic living room, designed by Michael S. Smith, uses a Savonnerie rug with cream, light pink, and French blue flowers.  The room is kept soft throughout – sheer window treatments in white let natural light in, white sofas with a sheen that reflects the light subtly, and antique furniture with delicate carvings that echo the flourishes in the Savonnerie rug.  The flower arrangements on the tables smartly bring the rug to life, allowing the pinks and blues of the carpet to be incorporated into the room in a fresh and vibrant way. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Add Elegance to Rustic Space with Savonnerie rug

Savonnerie rugs, Savonnerie rugs for sale, Savonnerie rug, Savonnerie carpetsThis French chateau, designed by Parisian fashion icon Hubert de Givenchy, has a rustic and classic farmhouse look.  The natural wood beams and the antlers above the fireplace remind us of a country lodge. The Spanish Savonnerie rug is in a muted gold color with blue and white pattern. The gold color from the rug is carried to other objects in the room. The walls, floors, and mantle have a rich, buttery hue that coordinates with the rug.  The white accents in the rug resonate with the upholstered chairs, the end tables, and lamp.  Bookshelves with colorful volumes make the space feel lived in and comfortable, and the Spanish rug gives the room a feeling of sophistication.

Create Drama with Savonnerie Rug and Black

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Jan Showers once said that every room “needs a touch of black.”  This Savonnerie rugs has a blue-black border, which offers an opportunity to adopt this design idea. Interior design by Alberto Pinto.

This room in an English castle combines elements of classic French and traditional English style beautifully. Parisian designer Alberto Pinto chose plush, overstuffed sofas upholstered in silk velvet and tassels and painted the crown molding and book cases white to create a crisp contrast with the blue walls. The rug has blue and gold accents and a blue-black border with gold accents.  Blue silk pillows create pop as do the blue borders sewn onto the lampshades. The touches of blue-black, however, really make the room pop. The black lamps that flank the fireplace provide bold contrast against the whites and pastels.  Black sculptures on the bookshelf draw the eye upward. The tasteful use of black creates a sophisticated and dramatic atmosphere.

Mix Fabrics and Colors Inspired by Savonnerie Rug

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For those who embrace color, finding ways to unite patterns and color, and keep the room looking harmonious, can be tricky.  Scott Snyder designed this room in clever ways by keeping the use of color consistent.  The Savonnerie rug is the basis for this color exercise and has pink, blue, green, and gold.  The rest of the room builds on this palette – armchairs with pink, blue, and gold plaid have pillows with pink, blue, and yellow fringes.  Candy pink throw pillows on a robin’s egg blue sofa add whimsy.  Every pattern in the room uses the same colors, which keeps the integrity of the room. Image courtesy Scott Snyder.

Savonnerie rugs add French style and glamor to any room. Their creative colors and artistic patterns provide inspiration in designing a cohesive and impressive space.  Find a Savonnerie rug that speaks to you, study these rooms closely and then develop your own room design using the colors and pattern of the Savonnerie rug as a guide and a source of inspiration.

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