Savonnerie Rugs Add Pizazz to Fashion Celebrities’ Homes

Interior design and haute couture have one thing in common- they are more about style than fashion. Ralph Lauren explains it this way, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” Savonnerie rugs are an example of a style that is always in vogue. Not only are Savonnerie rugs held in high esteem by today’s top interior designers such as Michael S. Smith, they have been favored by the biggest names in haute couture fashion such as Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Hubert de Givenchy and Hubert Guerrand-Hermés of the House of Hermés. We will view the homes of these four fashion leaders to learn how they decorate with Savonnerie rugs.

Oscar de la Renta Pairs Yellow, Purple and Blue with Brown and Red Savonnerie Rug

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Oscar de la Renta designed a stunning living room by pairing a brown, red and green Savonnerie rug with yellow walls, French furniture and Chinoiserie.

Oscar de la Renta is one of the first names in fashion design, and a luxurious brown,red and green Savonnerie rug graces the French style living room in his home. The rug is the centerpiece of the room, and de la Renta surprises us by creating pop with colors that are not found in the rug such as yellow (walls), purple (vases) and blue (lamp shade). He also uses different shades of the colors found in the Savonnerie rug such as pale rose (sofa fabric), 

Yves Saint Laurent Shows Off Red Gown on Blue and Gold Savonnerie Rug

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Yves Saint Laurent makes his red and white ball gown pop against the backdrop of a cream, blue and gold Empire Savonnerie rug. Image courtesy Yves Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent relied on the flamboyance of the golds and blues in the Empire Savonnerie carpet to bring out the beauty of his red and white ball gown. The rug commands the room. Its medallion centers the room, and the pink rose hue of the room’s furniture is balanced by the rug’s cool colors. For your own space, use a Savonnerie rug with an abundance of gold and additional colors on the cool end of the spectrum. Match it to white walls, gold gilt adornments and warm tones like pink, red and orange furniture.

Givenchy Brings in the Sun with Blue and Gold Savonnerie Rug

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A yellow and blue Spanish Savonnerie rug plays center stage in a neutral room in the French château of Hubert de Givenchy. Image courtesy Hubert de Givenchy.

The House of Givenchy is a legend in the world of haute couture fashion. de Givenchy chose a Spanish Savonnerie rug to bring a sunny warmth and a touch of elegance to the rustic style of his French château. The rug’s bright yellows and golds make the deep blue accent colors pop. The rest of the room is left neutral to allow the rug to shine like the sun. To realize this room’s energy, buy a Savonnerie rug with both a warm and a cool color; leave the room neutral in white and tan to let the rug’s quality come through.

Hermes Creates a “Collected, Not Decorated” Look with Spanish Savonnerie Rug

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Hubert Guerrand-Hermés chose a majestic blue and cream Savonnerie rug to anchor this sophisticated salon. Image courtesy Hubert Guerrand-Hermés.

Traditional French designers do not believe in matching colors, preferring a collected, not decorated look as in the elegant salon in which the pale green of the walls is quite different from the cream and blue colors of the rug. Red upholstery is used to create pop. A different shade of blue than the one in the rug is used for upholstery on the French chairs and in the pillows. Another shade of blue is found in the porcelain. Gold is used throughout the room- in the wall paneling, furniture and picture frame. Gold is important because it adds warmth and balances the cool blues and greens that are used extensively in this room.

The distinct styles of the four rooms in today’s post show that haute couture fashion leaders know how to create their own personal style when decorating with Savonnerie rugs. Their examples and the words of Ralph Lauren encourage us to use Savonnerie rugs to develop our own personal decorating style. The best way to start is to find a Savonnerie rug you fall in love with and let it guide you in selecting fabrics, wall colors, furniture and accessories.

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