Savonnerie Rugs Adorn $50 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

The legendary designer Albert Hadley once said, “The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.” So today we take a peek inside a 35,000 square foot Beaux Arts mansion in Beverly Hills known as Palais des Anges which is brimming with massive crystal chandeliers and magnificent Savonnerie rugs.


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The 35,000 sq ft Beaux Arts mansion in Beverly Hills that has become known as Palais des Anges. It was put on the market at $68,500,000 and finally sold in 2012 to a Chinese couple for $49,500,000.


If your are thinking of designing an over the top luxurious home, you might want to take a look at the Palais des Anges, a Beaux Arts mansion in Beverly Hills decorated in a grandest of styles with oversized Savonnerie rugs and crystal chandeliers displayed throughout the mansion.

The Beaux-Arts Architectural Style was taught at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from the 19th century onwards right up to 1968. The training followed the examples of Imperial Roman architecture and stressed rich ornamentation in the classical Roman style. The Beaux-Arts style had a major influence on American architecture from 1880 to 1920 and 19th century American architects seeking inspiration in classical Greece created what became known as the American Greek Revival Style.


Entrance-Hall-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-2.jpg

The grand entrance hall with twin curving staircases.


Create Grand Living Rooms with Oversized Cream and Blue Savonnerie Carpets


cream-and-blue-neoclassical-Savonnerie-rug-living-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-1.jpg

An oversized cream, blue, brown and gold Savonnerie rug and two crystal and gold chandeliers bring grandeur to a living room.


gold-and-blue-neoclassical-Savonnerie-rug-living-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-2.jpg

Another oversized gold and blue Savonnerie rug and multiple crystal and gold chandeliers create a majestic backdrop for a second living room.


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gold-and-blue-neoclassical-Savonnerie-rugs-in-adjoining-living-rooms-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg

A view of the two adjoining living rooms


Create an Intimate Dining Room with Blue and Cream Floral Savonnerie Rug


  cream-and-blue-savonnerie-rug-dining-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California.jpg

A blue and cream floral Savonnerie rug resonates with the garden views in a salon that doubles as a more intimate dining room.


The salon also works as an intimate dining room. A Savonnerie rug with a soft blue and cream floral pattern complements the lush gardens visible through French doors and windows on three sides of the salon. Blue foral silk upholstered dining chairs pick up the blue tones in the rug. The walls and ceiling were painted cream to keep the room feeling light and airy. 


Create a Regal Dining Room with Red and Cream Savonnerie Carpet


cream-and-red-Savonnerie-rug-dining-room-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-2.jpg

The formal dining room has an oversized Savonerie rug with a grand cream and red border surrounding a cream and red geometric field. A red and gold dining table and red velvet upholstered gold chairs create a regal atmosphere. White walls and ceiling enhance the beauty of the red and gold color scheme.



Create a Majestic Master Suite with Red and Cream Savonnerie Carpet


gold-and-red-Savonnerie-rug-master-bedroom-Le-Palais-Des-Anges-9577-Sunset-Boulevard- Beverly-Hills-California-2.jpg

An oversized gold, red and blue Savonnerie rug with an overscale border and two magnificent chandeliers create a majestic atmosphere in the master suite.


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A view of the fireplace sitting area in the master suite


Savonnerie rugs can incorporate a lot of different colors but still create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. In this bedroom, the cream background of the rug is used on the walls, and the blues, pinks and peaches in the rug add punches of color throughout the room. In your own space, find a Savonnerie rug with a white or cream background and subtle, muted colors in the rug. Keep the walls and ceiling that same white, and then pull the colors from the rug for the furnishings in the room.


Create a Feeling of Intimacy in an Open Space with a Black Border Savonnerie Rug

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A long oversized cream, gold, black and blue Savonnerie rug adds grace and pizazz to a second floor hallway.


Perhaps you love grandly ornate Savonnerie rugs. This cream and gold rug benefits from a blue-black border and blue corner medallions. The bold border helps define the long gallery space and gives it a feeling of security. Keep walls light and neutral, and let the Savonnerie rug add the color and pattern.

Pair Richly Colored Walls with Softly Colored Savonnerie Rugs

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A cream and muted rose Savonnerie rug with an architectural pattern anchors green and gold paneled walls and ceiling in the library.

Soft colored Savonnerie rugs can be used to anchor intensely colored rooms. In the library the intense green and gold wall and ceiling panels are paired with a softly colored Savonnerie rug. The faded reds and gold in the Savonnerie rug provide a soft counterpoint to to the stronger colors of the walls and ceiling. 

Savonnerie rugs make a statement in any room. Choose light colored Savonnerie rugs in rooms that have vibrant colors on the walls. Use vibrantly colored Savonnerie rugs in rooms that have pale walls.

Finding the perfect Savonnerie rug to start your room is your first step!


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 Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 1, 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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