Savonnerie Rugs Bring Luxurious Style to 4 Interiors

If you would like to design a room that has a grand and luxurious atmosphere that immediately captures attention then you should consider starting your room design with an attention getting Savonnerie rug. These rugs are synonymous with luxury and style and are just the thing that can heighten the drama and make a room memorable. Created for French royalty, these rugs are often paired with rich fabrics, grand furniture and great art. The four rooms show how top decorators use Savonnerie rugs to create interiors that are the ultimate in luxury and regal drama.

Accent a Stately Drawing Room with Savonnerie Rug

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This elegant, formal sitting room combines gold leaf and green velvet with a beautiful antique Savonnerie rug to create a royal look. Photo courtesy of The Handbook Authority.

An arched, mirrored alcove in one wall houses a luxurious French sofa in green with gold accents, and comfortable armchairs scattered around the room echo this color scheme. Heavy green drapes shelter the room from the rays of the sun, and an ornate harp graces one corner of the room. Cream and gold Empire boiserie and wall panels complement the Empire furniture. The Savonnerie rug’s classical pattern has a dark brown background with gold, pink, green and cream top colors.

Create a Cozy Corner Fit for a Queen

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This cozy corner reading area is enhanced by a beautiful cream Savonnerie rug and fabric wall covering in a Palempore pattern that complements the rug beautifully. Photo courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

A Recamier, French armchair and bench upholstered in blue silk pick up the blue tones in the rug. This room has a vital energy because of the colors and patterns of the rug and the fabric on the wall. It is elegant and inviting at the same time, a  a comfortable spot for conversation with friends or reading or playing games. A stately portrait lends a touch of elegance, and a marble pedestal provides a base for an ornate candelabra. An antique side table holds a vase of fresh flowers to complement the wall covering and the rug. The cream wainscoting picks up the cream in the rug.

Anchor a Grand Living Room with Savonnerie Rug

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A gorgeous Savonnerie rug with blue, purple and gold pulls together luxurious blue and gold furnishings in the salon of a Hotel Particulier in Paris designed by Alberto Pinto. Image courtesy Alberto Pinto.

This beautiful living room in a unique palette of soft purples combines a contemporary sofa with elegant gold pieces to create a formal yet cozy space. The purple and gold Savonnerie rug is the star of the room, providing an anchor that blends all the elements with elegance and class. Designer Albert Pinto combined a scattering of gold armchairs with ornate gold accent tables to create a sumptuous salon for small gatherings, intimate conversation or for just relaxing with a good book. A huge landscape painting dominates the wall above the sofa, providing a compelling conversation piece. A gold chandelier and wall ornamentation reminiscent of classical Greek friezes complete the look.

Create Intimate, Luxurious Library

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This stunning, petite library space anchored on a Savonnerie rug has a curtained daybed covered in comfortable pillows set in an alcove with a wall of bookshelves to create an intimate, tantalizing space to while away a few hours with a favorite book. Photo courtesy of The Handbook Authority.

A small red and gold Savonnerie rug makes the space feel even cozier and complements the ornate swag above the daybed. The pale green and gold paneled walls provide a contrasting cool color to balance the warm reds in the room. The oval window adds architectural interest and reflects the light from the hanging lantern.

If you’re designing an elegant and formal space reminiscent of centuries past, a Savonnerie rug and an ample helping of gold accents can provide a stunning way to create a rich, royal look. Antiques and ornate period-style pieces will help complete your dramatic look in high style.

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