Stephen Sills Theatrical Dining Room on a Blue and Gold Oriental Rug

Stephen Sills, Blue Gold Oriental Rug

Much like a theater director, Stephen Sills sets the stage for a palatial dining room anchored by a blue and gold oriental rug. The ornate brass leaf stands, gold candles and the tapestry of light and dark created by the tall windows suggest a period drama.

In a Architectural Digest interview , Stephen Sills remarked that the work of decorating a room is –“Like that of creating a stage set: first the vocabulary, then the structure, then the look and style.”  These words apply to this dining room:

Vocabulary – the room speaks strongly of period drama, particularly with the double candle stand and exquisite furnishings.  The blue and gold oriental rug underpins the room design giving a message of strength and security.

Structure – the cascading light produces a mystical effect. The blue and gold colors in the oriental rug shimmer in the sun, creating a tapestry of light and shadow across the rooms.

Look and style – a casual glance at the oriental rug will  and the sstrong shapes of the architecture and furniture transport guests to a different time when dining was more pleasurable, and an invitation to such a dining hall conferred honor. Today they can enjoy a feeling of warmth with good meals and heartwarming conversations.

Stephen Sills takes great care in sending a distinct message with his design.  Through the cogent use of the oriental rug textures and colors, the room provokes potent feelings of warmth, strength and security for those who enter this dining area.

Quotes by Stephen Sills:    In the future the most important thing in design will be- Incorporating collections that have been acquired solely for their beauty and for the way they communicate who one is. So many people these days just order up generic modern furniture with no personality and no relation to their lives”.

Stephen dislikes:Glamour without comfort, bad reproduction furniture, lack of decision”.

Stephen on investing: AD asked Stephen what is one thing to collect for an investment-

“Eighteenth-century French and English furniture, because there’s a decline now in their popularity at the auction houses, even though they work well in modern settings. But fashion changes, and the prices will again rise. We caution our clients, however, that decoration is purely about pleasure and frivolity and luxury and should not be confused with investment”.

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