Stunning Interiors Pair Geometric Rugs and Vibrant Colors: 7 Tips

Geometric rugs offer a great way for adding some razzle-dazzle to your room’s design. The interplay of geometric forms can turn even the blandest room into a space worth talking about. Geometric patterns create visual interest in a room; they draw the eye and bring a young energy to an interior. You can further elevate the impact of geometric rugs by pairing them with boldly colored fabrics and vibrantly colored walls. Using geometric rugs in brightly colored rooms is akin to having your cake and eating it too. Far from overwhelming a space, carefully chosen wall and fabric colors can work together harmoniously with a geometric rug to create a powerful effect. Listed below are images of rooms and tips for how you can make geometric rugs and vibrant colors a winning combination in your next interior design.

Choose Wall Colors That Contrast with Geometric Rug 

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Brilliantly hued living room designed by Mary McDonald features deep citrus colored walls and a grey and white striped geometric rug. Image courtesy Mary McDonald.

Prolific designer Mary McDonald has never been one to shy away from color or texture. She runs full speed ahead into rooms she designs, but this is not to say that she chooses colors willy-nilly. Every room she designs is a carefully curated space filled with elements that all work together beautifully. A firm believer in the importance of high-quality details, she chooses luxurious accessories and furnishings that will envelop her clients with a sense of beauty and decadence. You can follow McDonald’s lead by understanding what she did in this room.

  • Choose a color that means something to you. McDonald painted the walls an incredibly vibrant Hermes orange. Its richness, far from overwhelming, instills within you a sense of warmth, coziness and joy.

  • Add in additional graphic elements. McDonald had a black tree graphic painted directly onto the orange walls. You can add things like a favorite painting or a classic advertising poster.

  • Add in pattern and texture. Few people would think to bring geometric rugs into this equation, but this is why Mary McDonald is Mary McDonald. A soft textured wool black and white striped rug is laid across a black lacquered wood floor, creating a stunning contrast that balances perfectly with the orange walls.

  • Choose accessories that tie the whole place together. Here, McDonald took the black and white graphic treatment found in the rug and chose a similar design treatment for the drapes. Geometric rugs can inspire other elements in the room, tying the entire look together.

Choose Geometric Rugs that Contain Contrasting Colors

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Living room by Katie Ridder features bright lemon-green walls and a blue and yellow Greek-key pattern geometric rug. Image courtesy Eric Piasecki.

Katie Ridder has had a long-standing love affair with color. Flip through her body of work, and one thing will jump out at you is that she’s probably never met a color she didn’t like. Her ability to artfully weave together colors, patterns and textures highlight her design mastery.

  • Use geometric rugs that contain contrasting colors to create a chic energy in the room. Iconic designer Miles Redd spoke of how the juxtaposition of opposites creates beautiful rooms. Here, Kidder used a geometric rug that contains blue and yellow which are contrasting colors. These colors create a balance between cool (blue) and warm (yellow) colors and this create  a subtle energy in the room. Kitter chose a bold green for the wall. Since green is made by mixing yellow and blue, using green walls with a rug containing blue and green creates another subtle energetic interplay.

  • Don’t be afraid to add in another layer of interest by using additional shades of the colors found in the rug. Ridder chose a robin’s egg blue for the sofa that is a brighter shade of the blue in the rug. The robin’s egg blue creates pop while still creating a peaceful feeling.

  • Provide relief for the eye by using white and or black. Every colorful room needs a neutral that provides contrast as well as gives the eye a place to rest. Here Kidder used white trim and white on the ceiling to provide contrast and relief from the colors in the room. Black is also used in small amounts to add another level of contrast.

Geometric rugs are a wonderful way of adding a vibrant and stylish energy to a room. Mary McDonald and Katie Ridder show us two of the many ways you can create memorable rooms with geometric rugs.

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