Stylish and Engaging Interiors with Blue Rugs: 3 Decorating Tips

Pairing blue rugs with white accents creates a clean and crisp look and the juxtaposition of the two can be used in both classic and contemporary interiors. Utilizing blue rugs with white or cream furniture and accessories is flattering.  However, blue and white can feel cold and you should add warmth and cheer by adding warm colors such as yellow, gold and red.

The fix is simple; you just need to follow interior designer Christina Murphy’s dictum- “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.”  Adding vibrant colors to the palette can really soften the starkness of blue-on-white—breathing life and warmth into the room.

1. Create a Vibrant Interior with Blue Rugs and Warm Colors

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Warm colors like these red lacquered walls offset the starkness of blue and white rugs so you get both the crispness and the charisma. Interior design by Celerie Kemble. Image courtesy William Waldron/The Interior Archive.

Warm colors like red, orange and red really turn up the charm of a room with a blue and white color scheme. In the dining room, high-shine red lacquered walls add life to the beautiful blue and white rug. Take out the red walls and this room becomes less inviting.

Pairing other warm colors with blue such as orange accents with blue rugs and white elements—will make both the blue and the orange really pop as orange and blue are contrasting colors. Adding yellows to a blue-on-white color scheme adds warmth reminiscent of sunshine in a perfect blue sky.

2. Create a Layered Effect with Blue Rugs and Cool Colors

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Green can also soften blue rugs and white elements, such as the topiary and embellishing greenery in the living room by Billy Baldwin. The gold mirror frame and dark woods add warmth. Image courtesy The Habitually Chic Blog.

You can also use colors from the cool side of the color wheel when blue rugs are paired with white. Green is a natural choice, mimicking the colors of nature found in blue sky, white clouds and green trees. In the living room of the villa La Fiorentina, by the great Billy Baldwin, the green punches of color are created by the greenery in the room; it softens the blue-on-white color scheme without taking away from the clean look of the room.

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Purple paired with blue rugs softens both the white and black elements in the room.

Purple is also another color that can be used with blue rugs and white accents. Since purple contains both red and blue, it creates a layering effect. Black and white is used to add crisp contrast while the purple softens the room and makes it look chic and inviting.

3. Mix and Match Patterns and Blue Rugs

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Mixing patterns with blue rugs adds energy while red accents and brown wood tones add warmth. Interior design by Michael S. Smith. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

A great way to make a room feel energize and interesting is to make different patterns and then add punches of warm colors. The floral motif of the blue rug is mixed with blue plaid design of the bedspread, while the red blanket and other warm elements in the room make the room feel more inviting. The mix of textures such as the plush blue rug, the polished wood bed, the velvety red blanket and the luminous green lamp base create interest that make this room enthralling and engaging.

If you love white and blue, but want some warmth, try a punch of color. White and blue rugs can be paired with warm colors, cool colors and varying patterns to realize Murphy’s formula for youthful and engaging rooms.

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