Veranda’s 6 Best Rooms with Designer Rugs in August 2016

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Summer is almost over and the August 2016 issue of Veranda delights us with six rooms that make us wish summer would last a lot longer. In these closing days of August we not only bring you nostalgia for summer, but also inspiration for designing rooms that make it easy to enjoy day-to-day living without compromising comfort or elegance. Amanda Nisbet is especially inspiring because she shows how custom designer rugs can help you bring the relaxing vibes of the sea inside the home. Mark D. Sikes and Nicky Haslam design director, Colette van den Thillart create chic and relaxing havens full of personality. Read More

7 Top Designers Use Damask Rugs to Warm Up Contemporary Interiors

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If you’re looking for a way to bring warmth and texture to a contemporary room design, a stylish damask rug can instantly do the job and also add sense of history and a rich texture. The patterns of these beautiful rugs go back to centuries old damask fabrics from Damascus, Byzantium, Italy, Spain and France. The best damask rugs are hand made in a cut and loop weave that will bring a sense of richness to any room they grace. The seven rooms by top interior designers show how they use damask rugs to add warmth and charm to contemporary rooms. Read More

Green Rugs Awaken Creativity in 4 Interiors

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Never underestimate the power of color. Not only are vibrant colors pleasing to the eye, certain colors actually have other interesting benefits. Although green is traditionally considered to be one of the most restful colors for the eye, green is also known to enhance creativity. A study by the University of Munich showed that the color green boosted the creativity of participants. Scientists believe that the human brain associates green with growth and development. Using green rugs as a design element can be a great way to awaken creativity and bring vibrancy to a home.  Read More

Aubusson Rugs Add Color and Class to 3 Interiors

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The  plot of the 1999 cult comedy classic film "The Big Lebowski" is largely focused around the loss of a prized carpet, one the protagonist claims "tied the room together." You would not be taken as flippant if you heartily agreed. Indeed the right rug can be a room's grace note, unifying all the other design aspects of a space, from furnishings to window dressings to decoration. So too, though, can a poorly selected rug ruin the aesthetic appeal of a an interior. The surest way to avoid dealing with the latter situation is to choose a decorative rug that is time-tested. When it comes to Aubusson rugs, perhaps "classic" would be a better way to put it, though. The rich, deep golds and green of this Aubusson rug compliment the dramatic design elements of this lavish and colorful room. The gold baroque scrolls in the Aubusson rug are echoed in the drapery. The green background color of the rug is picked up by the greenery in the floral arrangements, in the garden outside and by the green chaise longue. The pink flowers and blue box in the background create pop. An great rug is as close as on can come to laying a piece of artwork on the ground. Aubusson rugs feature elegant, dramatic designs that can accentuate the patterns and design elements already at work in a room, or they can offer style and flash to a room otherwise designed and decorated with simplicity. Like few other design elements, and perhaps like no other carpets, Aubusson rugs can either blend into the overall feel and "flavor" of a room or indeed they can command that feel from the ground up. See how the Garonne BK Aubusson Rug is a work of art in and of itself? Laid out in an open foyer, it would be the focal point of the entire space. Placed in a well-appointed gallery or sitting room, it would blend seamlessly into the interior. Great carpets are seldom overlooked by great designers, but to the untrained eye, occasionally the fact that a rug is hardly even noticed is arguably its greatest compliment. A carpet of any size is impossible to miss if it is poorly chosen. The carpet that is hardly noticed indeed must fit its space perfectly. There is no call for a deep, dramatic carpet in a sunlit solarium, for example, just as there is no place for a floral print carpet in a darker corner of the house, say a wine cellar. Thus it is that with Aubusson rugs the designs and patterns of the rugs are as crucial -- and as carefully wrought -- as the colors. Read More

Green Rugs: 5 Chic Interiors by Top Designers

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Nature has made green the most abundant color for a reason – it soothes our eyes and rejuvinates our spirits. This makes decorating with green rugs an attractive prospect for many interiors. Enven small amounts of green in a rug can have the beneficial effects of this color. You do not have to flood the room with lots of green as you will see in the 5 chic rooms in today's post. Read More

How a Celebrity Created Different Looks with Same Bessarabian Rug

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Bessarabian rugs are 18th and 19th century Russian creations that have become a favorite with many designers over the years. Bessarabian rugs originated several hundred years ago in Russia where the Royal family commissioned local weavers to make copies of the grand French Aubusson and Savonnerie rugs that were extremely popular amongst the Russian nobility. Bessarabian rugs have their own look. While French rug designers drew inspiration from major works of art, the Russian weavers copied the French designs in a more informal way which gave these rugs a less formal charm. Bessarabian rug have become highly desirable for very different modern decorating styles than what they were originally intended for. Read More

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating With Geometric Rugs

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You may have become enamored with the idea of decorating your home with geometric rugs, but you're not exactly sure how to go about it. Geometric rugs, ranging from stark black and white rugs with wide stripes to pale Oushak rugs with geometricized floral motifs, can bring positive visual and emotional energy into a room. Chosen properly and carefully, geometric rugs are beautiful additions to a home. Chosen with abandon and without a thought to the rest of the space, geometric rugs can create a jarring and overwhelming feeling in a space if they clash with everything else in the room. Avoid the common mistakes people make when choosing geometric rugs will help you design stylish and inviting rooms. The first step is to open up your perspective on geometric rugs. Geometric shapes are present in modern geometric rugs and in geometric rugs inspired by antique rugs and classical architecture. This gives you a wide range of options. Listed below are ways to make your geometric rug selection process a successful one. Read More

How to Bring in Warm Sunny Colors with Grey, Blue and Gold Rugs

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Fall has arrived in Boston. Each day the sun sets a little earlier and the evenings have become cooler. Last night someone sprinkled orange and crimson on the tall Maple tree on the road to the Arnold Arboretum. Read More