Red Rugs Add Drama to 4 Interiors

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Red commands attention more than any other color in a room. It is a color that can't be ignored and is often used to stimulate the senses and stir emotion. However, in order to use red properly, you must understand its power and use it with confidence. The perfect red rug demands attention and demonstrates bold character. The four rooms in today's post make a strong statement with beautiful red rugs that help to define the space and rebel against the color-shy. Read More

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating With Geometric Rugs

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You may have become enamored with the idea of decorating your home with geometric rugs, but you're not exactly sure how to go about it. Geometric rugs, ranging from stark black and white rugs with wide stripes to pale Oushak rugs with geometricized floral motifs, can bring positive visual and emotional energy into a room. Chosen properly and carefully, geometric rugs are beautiful additions to a home. Chosen with abandon and without a thought to the rest of the space, geometric rugs can create a jarring and overwhelming feeling in a space if they clash with everything else in the room. Avoid the common mistakes people make when choosing geometric rugs will help you design stylish and inviting rooms. The first step is to open up your perspective on geometric rugs. Geometric shapes are present in modern geometric rugs and in geometric rugs inspired by antique rugs and classical architecture. This gives you a wide range of options. Listed below are ways to make your geometric rug selection process a successful one. Read More