Why I Love to Start with a Designer Rug – Gideon Mendelson

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Interior Designer Spotlight with Gideon Mendelson The Mendelson Group, New York, NY. Since launching Mendelson Group in 2003, Gideon Mendelson has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Luxe Interiors, Modern, and Coastal Living. Mendelson Group offers a broad range of services including interior architecture, construction management, interior design and custom furniture design. A Columbia University architecture graduate, Gideon also has a degree from The New York School of Interior Design. Gideon's early background in the classics and his later education in modernism provides him the ability to work in a wide range of styles. His 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House room, The Lady's Lair, won critical acclaim in the press. Gideon's down-to-earth manner is a refreshing break from the image of the decorator as a snooty arbiter of taste. Join me as Gideon expresses surprise at Margaret Russell's sudden departure from Architectural Digest; why he loves starting a room with a designer rug; what it was like to work with Steven Gambrel when both were starting their career; how he responded to a challenging space in his first Kips Bay experience in 2014; why he avoids Viscose rugs; and much more... Read More

Advice to Young Interior Designers — Hall of Famer Bruce Bierman

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Interior Designer Spotlight with Bruce Bierman Owner of Bruce Bierman Design Inc., New York, NY Bruce Bierman was inducted to the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 2000, and has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House & Garden, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and The New York Times Magazine. Bruce has earned double degrees in architecture and fine arts from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). The prestigious Franklin Report gives Bruce their highest five star rating and quotes these three client comments and more — "I have used many well-known designers over the years, and I felt that Bruce was the only one committed to the project and our family for the long haul." "Bruce is a very special person—mature, calm and generous. I am happy to say that he is now a friend." "I am a very opinionated client. I interviewed 30 people for this job, and I will definitely go back to Bruce for the next one." Join me as Bruce Bierman shares how he started, the advice he would give to to a beginning decorator, the importance of listening to clients closely, the pleasure of working on second, third and fourth homes, and why he doesn't get flustered... Read More

4 Glamorous Ways to Decorate with Medallion Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs with central medallions are some of the most glamorous Aubusson rugs ever created, but many people miss out on the opportunity of creating fabulous rooms around them, because they think it is hard to deal with the medallion. Fortunately, great interior designers have already forged a beautiful trail that we can learn a great deal from. Today we we will look at four exciting ways that will add glamor to any room by making imaginative use of an Aubusson rug's central medallion. The four ways illustrated in this post will inspire you to come up with your own creative way to bringing glamor to your rooms with Aubusson rugs with central medallions. Read More

6 Tips for Decorating with Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs represent some of the most beautiful rugs in history. Their origin goes back to the 16th century to the village of Aubusson on the banks of the Creuse river, whose waters were famous for their ability for dyeing vibrant colors. This region of central France is about 200 miles from Paris. Aubusson rugs are handmade in a flat weave construction that resembles heavy tapestries which adorn the walls of French castles and palaces. Aubusson rugs quickly captured the hearts of the French aristocracy because their patterns were similar to those of pile Savonnerie carpets which were unavailable to the aristocracy as they were made exclusively for the King's palaces. Aubusson rugs come in very large sizes and feature center medallions, lyrical floral patterns, and soft color palettes. For hundreds of years Aubusson rugs have been synonymous with the ultimate in French refinement and elegance. While Aubusson rugs continue to be produced in Aubusson and the nearby village of Filletin, the production is extremely limited and is mostly confined to orders placed by the French government for presentation to foreign heads of state. For a few years starting in the 1990's Aubusson rugs were woven in China, but with the rapid rise of wages in that country, hand weaving of Aubusson rugs is now coming to an end. However the love for Aubusson rugs continues unabated among sophisticated interior decorators and connoisseurs. Just as the French aristocracy was once captured by the beauty of Aubusson rugs, so are we today fascinated by the possibilities Aubusson rugs offer for designing refined and elegant interiors in both modern and traditional styles. Read More