How to Decorate with Brunschwig & Fils Paisley Fabrics and Blue Rugs

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A common mistake people make when decorating with blue paisley fabrics such as Brunschwig & Fils Izmir Paisley, is to pair them with blue rugs that are too similar to the fabric. The result is a room that looks un-exciting, even though everything is perfectly matched. What is missing is the energy and beauty that arises when you decorate to create contrasts in pattern, scale, color and texture. When you focus entirely on looking for rugs with the exact shade of blue or rugs with patterns similar to the fabric, you overlook the rugs that could have made the room look stunning. You can avoid these common mistakes if you keep four criteria in mind: Firstly, look for rugs with patterns that contrast with the pattern of the fabric. Second, pay attention to scale- the scale of the blue rug's pattern should either be larger or smaller, but not the same as the scale of the fabric's pattern. Thirdly, look for blue rugs that contain several shades of blue as well as some warm colors to balance the cold blues. Finally, look for blue rugs with a texture that is different from the fabric's texture. If you keep these four criteria in mind, you are more likely to find a blue rug that you really like and that will also enhances the overall look and feel of the room. I will illustrate the four criteria in detail with the help of an example. Read More

How to Glamorize Brunschwig & Fils Ikat Fabrics with Aubusson Rugs

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Oscar de la Renta was the first fashion designer to introduce Ikat dresses on fashion runways in 2005, and ever since then he has demonstrated his love for Ikats by working directly with Ikat weavers in Uzbeksitan (see video). So when I was looking for confirmation for the idea of pairing Brunschwig & Fils Ikat fabrics with a floral Aubusson rug, I researched de la Renta's Fall 2013 Ready to Wear Collection and was very pleased to find that he had combined geometric and floral Ikat patterns in a fabulous dress. Oscar de la Renta had done exactly what Asmara designer Alexis McDermott did when she paired Brunschwig & Fils geometric Ikat fabrics with a floral Aubusson rug featured in today's post. Geometric Ikat fabrics have a naturalistic and comfortable look that contrasts with the refined curves of a floral Aubusson rug. The combination of two such contrasting looks makes a room feel glamorous and comfortable at the same time. It is the interior design equivalent of wearing blue jeans with a silk top. When this is done well, the result is both chic and comfortable. On the opposite end of the spectrum are rooms that look boring because everything is of the same style and from the same design period. Interior designer Cindy Rinfret calls this type of decorating "embassy style decorating." Read More