Damask Rugs Enrich 8 Interiors with History and Beauty

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Damask rugs and fabrics originated in the Middle Ages in the ancient city of Damascus and they have evolved over hundreds of years with influences from Byzantium, Persia, Italy and France. This rich artistic history gives damask a unique appeal. The pattern in a damask fabric is woven in a different weave than the background- for example if the pattern is woven in a shiny satin weave and the background in a duller weave, the contrast between the shiny pattern and duller background adds another dimension. This added dimension and texture distinguishes damask fabrics from fabrics in which the pattern is merely printed on the cloth. The best damask rugs also contain two different textures- the pattern is usually in cut pile and the background is in a loop weave. Unfortunately too many damask rugs being made today take a short-cut and are made in just one texture which is usually cut pile. These rugs do not have the dimensional interest and texture of a cut and loop damask rug. Damask rugs come in a variety of color palettes ranging from tonal neutrals to high contrast colors. The eight interiors in today’s post feature several different styles of damask rugs and offer inspiration on how to add sophistication and a sense of history to both contemporary and traditional rooms. Read More

Why I Love to Start with a Designer Rug – Gideon Mendelson

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Interior Designer Spotlight with Gideon Mendelson The Mendelson Group, New York, NY. Since launching Mendelson Group in 2003, Gideon Mendelson has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Luxe Interiors, Modern, and Coastal Living. Mendelson Group offers a broad range of services including interior architecture, construction management, interior design and custom furniture design. A Columbia University architecture graduate, Gideon also has a degree from The New York School of Interior Design. Gideon's early background in the classics and his later education in modernism provides him the ability to work in a wide range of styles. His 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House room, The Lady's Lair, won critical acclaim in the press. Gideon's down-to-earth manner is a refreshing break from the image of the decorator as a snooty arbiter of taste. Join me as Gideon expresses surprise at Margaret Russell's sudden departure from Architectural Digest; why he loves starting a room with a designer rug; what it was like to work with Steven Gambrel when both were starting their career; how he responded to a challenging space in his first Kips Bay experience in 2014; why he avoids Viscose rugs; and much more... Read More

Traditional Home 2014: 7 Best Holiday Interiors with Decorative Rugs

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Each November, Traditional Home features the best holiday interiors with decorative rugs from around the country, and this year is no exception. My picks for the 7 best holiday interiors of 2014 ranges from the stunning new traditional style of Gerald Pomeroy in Dover, Massachusetts to a classic New England Christmas in Lisa Hilderbrand's 18th-Century Connecticut farmhouse. Nora Marra fills a 1937 Chicago home with light and Holiday colors, Emily Sullivan evokes the Northern Christmases of her childhood in her new Los Angeles home and Patrik Lönn conjures up a stately Scottish library in New York’s Holiday House Showhouse. Read More

7 Top Designers Use Damask Rugs to Warm Up Contemporary Interiors

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If you’re looking for a way to bring warmth and texture to a contemporary room design, a stylish damask rug can instantly do the job and also add sense of history and a rich texture. The patterns of these beautiful rugs go back to centuries old damask fabrics from Damascus, Byzantium, Italy, Spain and France. The best damask rugs are hand made in a cut and loop weave that will bring a sense of richness to any room they grace. The seven rooms by top interior designers show how they use damask rugs to add warmth and charm to contemporary rooms. Read More

2 Top Designers Create Fashionable Rooms with Damask Rugs

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Damask is an incredibly rich silk fabric that lights up everything from walls to drapery to upholstery with its combination of shiny and matte weaves. Damask rugs derive their patterns from damask fabrics and the best damask rugs also have a cut and loop texture which brings out the beauty of the pattern. You can use damask rugs as part of a full-fledged exotic theme within a room, or they can be the only exotic element in a room. How you use them depends on the look that you're trying to create. Damask rugs often have tonal patterns which look very subtle even thought they may have a lot of detail. The best damask rugs have a cut and loop texture that looks fascinating when light falls on the rug. Some damask rugs are shaded so artfully that some details of the pattern shimmer like silk, even though the rug is made entirely of wool. The shimmery section of the pattern reflects beautifully against the more matte portion of the design and in this way damask rugs mimic the effect created by damask fabrics. Today we will learn how Victoria Hagan and Steven Gambrel, both AD100 interior designers, created very different looks with damask rugs. Read More

Damask Rugs Bring Luxury and Style to 4 Interiors

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Damask rugs can bring a feeling of luxury and style to an interior because of their rich cultural history, beautiful patterns and artistic colors. Damask rugs are inspired by damask fabrics which were first woven in Damascus in the middle ages. The beauty of these fabrics results from the fact that the pattern is woven in a satin finish and the background is woven in a matte finish. The best damask rugs also contain two different textures- a cut pile and a looped surface. The pattern is woven in cut pile and the background in loop. The texture of damask rugs gives an additional dimension to its pattern and colors which in turn adds a richness to the room design. However, not all damask rugs contain a combination of two different textures. Since cut and loop weaving is far more difficult the plain cut pile weaving, most damask rugs are made in just cut pile. They are still called damask rugs because their patterns are inspired by damask fabrics. So how can you use a damask rug to enhance the interior design project? That’s what we’re going to show in a quick tour of four elegant interiors where leading designers have used damask rugs to create fabulous interiors. Read More

Damask Rugs Bring Elegant Style to 4 Interiors

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Inspired by the rich history of silk brocades, fine tapestries, and ancient patterns found in some of the richest textiles known to us, damask rugs lend a feeling of richness and elegance to any interior space. Whether you’re working on a renovation in an existing home or considering the ideal foundation for a new space, using a damask rug can add an interesting level of depth, sophistication and texture to a space. Today, we’ll show you four interiors where top designers have used damask rugs to establish a luxurious base for versatile interiors. Read More

Damask Rugs Adorn 4 Stunning Interiors

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The beauty of a damask rug derives from an interplay between color, pattern and texture. Some of the most beautiful and flexible damask rugs have tonal colorations and wonderful cut and loop textures that accentuate the similar by subtly different shades. Rarely silk is used to highlight the pattern, but usually the rugs are made of lustrous wool. Recently damask rugs have also been made in highly contrasting colors. The four interiors show how top designers decorate with four very different damask rugs. You will see that damask rugs are a beautiful way to add texture, contrast and chic style to an interior. Read More

How to Add Chic Energy to Rooms with Damask Rugs in Modern Colors

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Beautiful silk damask fabrics in the Victoria and Albert Museum show that this art developed in ancient Damascus and Byzantium. Modern damask rugs are inspired by ancient damask fabrics but they have fresh, contemporary colors. An artistically colored damask rug can be used to give modern rooms a feeling of sophistication and history. Modern damask rugs are also perfect for bringing youthful energy to traditional decorating. AD100 interior designer David Kleinberg could have been speaking about modern damask rugs when he said, “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance. Going against period introduces energy.” Damask rugs bring a chic energy to a room because they combine ancient patterns with modern colorations.  Take a look at the stylish energy in the rooms pictured below and learn how damask rugs are the perfect jumping off point for creating chic and invigorating rooms. Read More

How Thomas O’Brien Designs Stylish Rooms with Damask Rugs: 5 Tips

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Damask rugs in modern colors and subtle shading created with Savonnerie carpet weaving techniques make it easier to design rooms that will always be considered stylish. Interior design should be about more than what is current or the latest fad. It should be about what makes you feel good. AD100 interior designer Thomas O'Brien once said "I'm not about trends or what's in season. I look back and bring things forward or I find what I think is unique or special. For me it's really about beautiful and classical things." O'Brien may have been talking about modern Damask rugs because these rugs combine centuries old patterns with modern colorations. When O’Brien decorates with damask rugs he mixes furniture of different styles and from different periods, and often one cannot tell the old from the new because each piece becomes part of the story. Read More