Why I Love to Start with a Designer Rug – Gideon Mendelson

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Interior Designer Spotlight with Gideon Mendelson The Mendelson Group, New York, NY. Since launching Mendelson Group in 2003, Gideon Mendelson has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Luxe Interiors, Modern, and Coastal Living. Mendelson Group offers a broad range of services including interior architecture, construction management, interior design and custom furniture design. A Columbia University architecture graduate, Gideon also has a degree from The New York School of Interior Design. Gideon's early background in the classics and his later education in modernism provides him the ability to work in a wide range of styles. His 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House room, The Lady's Lair, won critical acclaim in the press. Gideon's down-to-earth manner is a refreshing break from the image of the decorator as a snooty arbiter of taste. Join me as Gideon expresses surprise at Margaret Russell's sudden departure from Architectural Digest; why he loves starting a room with a designer rug; what it was like to work with Steven Gambrel when both were starting their career; how he responded to a challenging space in his first Kips Bay experience in 2014; why he avoids Viscose rugs; and much more... Read More

19 Glamorous Ways to Decorate with Blue Rugs

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"Blue is one of the easiest colors to live with and its most people favorite hue," said AD100 designer Bunny Williams in an interview with Elle Decor. "There are so many beautiful shades of blue--- some cool, some warm and they mix well together." The same can be said of blue rugs. The most desirable blue rugs are those with a mix of cool and warm colors. These rug allow you to use a wider range of fabrics and create more sophisticated looks as these 19 rooms demonstrate.    Read More

Damask Rugs Bring Elegant Style to 4 Interiors

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Inspired by the rich history of silk brocades, fine tapestries, and ancient patterns found in some of the richest textiles known to us, damask rugs lend a feeling of richness and elegance to any interior space. Whether you’re working on a renovation in an existing home or considering the ideal foundation for a new space, using a damask rug can add an interesting level of depth, sophistication and texture to a space. Today, we’ll show you four interiors where top designers have used damask rugs to establish a luxurious base for versatile interiors. Read More