How to Create Grand Rooms with Aubusson and Needlepoint Rugs

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AD100 interior designer Scott Snyder has no peer when it comes to infusing grandeur and magnificence to interiors. He chooses majestic Aubusson rugs, colorful Needlepoint rugs and lyrical Savonnerie rugs to give his interiors a look of classic elegance and symmetry.The Franklin Report (considered the Zagat Guide for Interior Designers) quotes Scott Snyder's clients:"It's amazing--the rooms appear to have a grandeur and symmetry, even though they began as fairly odd shapes." reports one client. Another exclaims "The place looks so much bigger than it did when it was completely empty. We were impressed." “He is excellent at understanding the just-so Palm Beach look", concludes another According to the Franklin Report "... Snyder has such an instinctual eye for design, he can decide the layout and general direction after just a few minutes of observation” ...”Snyder is noted by insiders as "making the most" out of New York's tight living spaces by utilizing grand mirrors and crafty color schemes to greatly enhance the perception of open space. We are told he is also amazing at melding the interior of any given home--be it in the subtropics of Southern Florida or the concrete jungle of Manhattan--into the existing landscape to create a harmonious balance'. Read More