How to Add Warmth to Modern Open Spaces with Oushak Rugs

Image for How to Add Warmth to Modern Open Spaces with Oushak Rugs

Do you love open plan spaces that look modern, feel airy and are bathed in natural light? Would you like these spaces to function equally well for entertaining guests and for cozy times with family? The problem is that unless you infuse some classic elements such as a beautiful Oushak rug into a modern space, the space can feel cold and hard. Most of us want our interiors to look modern and also feel comfortable and cozy. But if we fill a space with modern pieces we will discover that it lacks warmth and softness. The other major problem with an open plan space is that if they are not properly designed they make us feel we if we are adrift in an airport lounge or in the midst of a passageway. When we are enamored by open plan spaces we can overlook that we also have a need for privacy and for places where we can relax with a good book or get together for an intimate family chat. Today's blog post explains the two keys for having it both ways-an open plan space that looks modern and feels intimate and cozy. These two steps will be illustrated by taking a critical look at an open plan space in the current issue of Traditional Home designed by Jamie Herzlinger Interiors. Read More