Chic Interiors Mix Aubusson Rugs, Mid Century and Contemporary

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When starting an interior design project, there are certain qualities some of us struggle to achieve with the mix of materials we are given. This is particularly difficult when blending styles from seemingly incompatible eras – but stately accessories like Aubusson rugs can be helpful in assembling incredible rooms. One of the key reasons Aubusson rugs are successful in creating a cohesive personality for a variety of interiors is the traditional processes by which these rugs are still made today – by hand, as shown in this amazing video that allows us to watch a skilled artisan weave Aubusson rugs using traditional methods, where the designs are based on an original painting. Read More

Cool, Hip and Aubusson

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You're an artist. Williamsburg isn't tragically ironic to you: it's been your home for years. Your jeans weren't bought with "paint stains" etched into them; you put them there when you painted on your six-foot canvas last week. Your grandmother gifted you with an Aubusson rug that she's had in her home in Narragansett for years, and guess what? You love it. The problem is, you've perfected your technique of textured acrylic painting to the point where they're actually paying you to teach it at Pratt, but the synapses in your right brain grind to a screeching halt when you think about the likelihood of Aubusson rugs of any kind working in your candle-factory loft. Read More

Celebrity Aubusson Rugs in Traditional and Modern Interiors

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The story of Aubusson rugs can be told in three acts. In the first act, the mid-1600s versions of these hand-woven tapestry rugs have not survived so we can only speculate that they probably looked somewhat like the flat-woven kilims of the near-east because the art of tapestry weaving is thought to have come from members of the invading Saracen army who stayed behind and settled in France after the battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D. Act two opens after 1750, with Aubusson rugs adopting the grand, floral style of the plush, much lauded, exclusively royal and oft-envied Savonnerie carpet. The final act brought forth Aubusson rugs woven in the mid 1800's during the reign of the last King of France, Louis Philippe. These Aubusson rugs have a romantic blend of floral and architectural elements that we now think of as the typical Aubusson rug look. When you think of Aubusson rugs, you may have a very strict and rigid interpretation of how they should be used. You may have visions of old French country estates filled with rooms decked out with heady and intoxicating baroque elements or spaces filled with softer but still elaborate rococo furnishings. If so, it's time to broaden your vision: Aubusson rugs can be placed in rooms as varied and diverse as their history. Read More

How to Add Glamour to Contemporary Décor with Aubusson Rugs: 4 Tips

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You've thought about it for a long time and you think you're ready to take the plunge, but the question still lingers in the back of your mind: can you successfully mix Aubusson rugs with contemporary décor? What kind of look would you end up with if you took the plunge? Some people would call it eclectic. Others would call it vintage modern. Still others would swear it's classic contemporary. Whatever you call it, rest assured that done correctly, it would be a brilliantly glamorous fusion of the beauty of the past and the fabulousness of the present.  The Aubusson rug, the younger, more informal sister of the Savonnerie carpet, is a flat weave rug made of ultra-fine wool, with a texture, color palette and design that would work in even the most modern of rooms. The floral and architectural patterns that make up the heart and soul of Aubusson rugs lend themselves perfectly to chic contemporary settings. If you have a modern, loft-like space or a gallery-style room, don't think that your Aubusson will be out of place. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can marry the two different design styles beautifully, creating the perfect blend of something old and something new. Read More

Pinterest’s 10 Most Glamorous Interiors with Aubusson Rugs

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Pinterest's vast archive of glamorous interiors and beautiful decorative rugs is growing so rapidly it is nearly impossible to keep up. I have done hours of research over the past several weeks and picked these 10 Most Glamorous Interiors with Aubusson Rugs on Pinterest. Read More