Aubusson Rugs Elevate Ordinary Interiors to Extraordinary

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Aubusson rugs are found in manor homes, chic apartments and luxury settings the world over – so why is it that Aubusson rugs are such a reliable go-to item for interior designers and home owners? Simply because the most amazing thing a rug can do for an interior is to elevate the atmosphere – and the artistic quality of the best Aubusson rugs makes them an ideal tool for adding that extra sizzle to an interior. Today I’ve picked some of my favorite examples of how Aubusson rugs elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. Read More

Cool, Hip and Aubusson

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You're an artist. Williamsburg isn't tragically ironic to you: it's been your home for years. Your jeans weren't bought with "paint stains" etched into them; you put them there when you painted on your six-foot canvas last week. Your grandmother gifted you with an Aubusson rug that she's had in her home in Narragansett for years, and guess what? You love it. The problem is, you've perfected your technique of textured acrylic painting to the point where they're actually paying you to teach it at Pratt, but the synapses in your right brain grind to a screeching halt when you think about the likelihood of Aubusson rugs of any kind working in your candle-factory loft. Read More