Why a Needlepoint Rug Made in 1920’s London Worth $750,000?

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In the rarefied world of London's finest antique dealers there are three, Keshishian, S. Franses and C.John, who specialize in the rarest antique needlepoint rugs. While lesser quality antique needlepoint rugs can be seen at the auction houses Sotheby's and Christies, the very finest and rarerest antique needlepoint rugs rarely show up there. These are handled by specialist dealers who cater to a handful of famous interior decorators, private clients and famous museums. Their prices rarely get published. But recently, while researching rare needlepoint rugs, I came across an article in artnet.com that disclosed that Keshishian was offering a Pontremoli needlepoint rug for $750,000. Unfortunately the picture below does not do justice to this magnificent needlepoint rug. Read More