Oushak Rugs Nurture the Emotions in 4 Chic Interiors

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The rooms in our homes offer more than just a place to dwell in. Each space in a home has the ability generate emotions. Oushak rugs can greatly assist in accentuating the emotions evoked and experienced in a room. Here, we will provide you with four perfect examples of how Oushak rugs bring a room to life with feeling. We invite you to imagine being in each room and experience these feelings as if you were really there. Read More

Oushak Rugs Enrich 4 Stunning Interiors

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The hallmark of a good rug is that makes the room look more attractive as a whole without drawing attention to the rug. The right rug will pull together all the different objects in the room so they become part of a unified look.  Such is the case when the Oushak rugs. Whether you tastes runs to the traditional or to the contemporary, there is an Oushak rug that will enhance your desired decorating style. This is because Oushak rugs are themselves a combination of the  ancient and the modern- their patterns go back centuries but their colors look modern. This combination of the traditional and the modern means that Oushak rugs can pull together objects of many different styles and give the room a unified look. More than any other type of rug Oushak rugs can bring a touch of luxury without making the room look ostentatious. Their subtlety and simplicity remind us of Coco Chanel’s advice, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Read More