Architectural Digest October 2014: 5 Best Rooms with Decorative Rugs

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My picks for the 5 best rooms with decorative rugs in Architectural Digest's October 2014 issue all happen to be contemporary. I have noticed that in some months it is the traditional rooms that are the stars, and in the next issue it is all the contemporary spaces that take center stage. If you know why styles fluctuate from month to month, please share your insight in the comments section. Read More

Geometric Rugs Add Chic Vibe to 4 Interiors

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If you feel as though your current room design is a little lackluster, you may want to consider breaking out one of the most versatile of all design tools- the noble rug. Rugs can span the gamut from cozy oriental rugs to bold geometric rugs. Many top designers today incorporate geometric rugs into their designs as a way of defining different seating area, pulling together furniture and art of different styles into a unified whole or creating interest and comfort with a luxurious texture. Geometric rugs are great way to start your room design as they can guide and inspire the choice of fabrics, colors and furniture. Read More

Green Rugs Bring Chic Energy to 4 Interiors

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If you choose the right rug for a room, it will make the room look stylish and more comfortable. Interior designers often use green rugs to bring out the beauty of furniture and art in a room. Green rugs also bring the invigorating and calming energy of nature into a room. Green rugs come in many different shades and it is important to choose the right shade of green in a pattern that unifies the many different objects in a room. Green is nature's most widely used color for a very good reason- it makes every other color in nature look more beautiful. If you look closely at the flowers in a garden you will notice that every flower has green leaves in a particular shade that brings out the beauty of that flower the best. Learn from nature and chose a green rug that will make your room design more beautiful. Many interior designers find it best to start with the rug. First pick a green rug that speaks to you and then take a sample of the rug with you when you you go shopping for fabrics and accessories. Let the rug guide you in choosing the best fabrics and the right wall colors and accessories. The four chic rooms in today's post will spark ideas for decorating with green rugs. Study them closely and see how leading decorators use different types of green rugs to create fabulous interiors. Read More