Ten Chic Reds And Dramatizing Decorative Rugs

White, beige, gray decorative rug, Drake Design1. Jamie Drake shows you do not need a lot of red to create drama. You can start with just one red upholstered chair and increase the impact selecting a stunning contemporary area rug with white, taupe, gray and beige. If you have selected cool reds as in this chair and lamp shade, then add zip by using white, black, gold and wood tones in the the furniture, accessories and wall paneling.Image courtesy Drake Design.

In winter nature makes a splash with red winterberries and cranberries against white snow. It is no wonder that we humans also turn to the warmth and intensity of red during these cold months.

red and white rugs inspired by winterberries on snowThe American winterberry is a species of Holly and an important food resource in the winter for many species of birds. Image courtesy Indiana Public Media.

Red will always be in fashoin just as a red lipstick will always be chic. We speak of red with emotional adjectives- dramatic, warm, passionate and flattering. It follows that red is great for livening up a quiet room and for dialing up the drama in any room.

If you are unsure of red, you can start with tiny amounts of red and distribute it well all around the room. You will be amazed at how it gets noticed. Many of the designers featured today make a big impact by spreading small amounts of red throughout the room. You will see several styles from modern to traditional- chic living rooms, an energized dining room, a sophisticated bedroom, a stunning hallway and a cozy fireside seating area.

There are many shades of red from cool bluish reds to warm yellow reds. it is critical to find decorative rugs that dramatize and support the reds. You will learn how leading designers use dark chocolate browns, mushroomy taupes, silvery grays, toffee beiges, olivy greens, lavenders, lilacs, plums and blueberry to compliment and support the many chic shades of red.

Borrowing from nature designers often juxtapose red against white just as red winterberry makes its appearance when there is fresh snow.

Cream, brown striped contemporary rug, Meg Braff

2. If you are ready for more red, you can go for a red sofa as in this beautiful living room by Meg Braff. Since this is a cool red (the red has some blue mixed in it), Meg warmed up the room by painting the walls a warm yellow. Then she created more drama by introducing accents of white, brown and black as in the white and red pillow, the brown and white striped decorative rug and the black frames on the white prints and the black and white lamps. Image courtesy Meg Braff.

Cream and gold decorative rug, Katie Ridder

3. If your taste favors warmer reds, Katie Ridder shows how to balance them with shades of lilac, lavender, purple and blue. Cream, beige, gold and green are used as neutrals as in the decorative rug, the sofa and upholstered chair. White in the lamp shades and in the inlaid Moroccan tables adds crispness. Image courtesy Katie Ridder.

Red, gold, blue striped decorative rug, Gibson Gimpel 4. A great way to introduce red is with a striped decorative rug as in this Texas living room by Gibson Gimpel. This striped decorative rug has red as well as the colors that are complementary (blue, green) and analagous to red (purple, orange) as well as several neutrals. This gives a decorator great flexibility in selecting fabrics, furniture and accessories and it is also a great look for homes in the mountains. Image courtesy Gibson Gimpel.

Red contemporary area rug, geoffrey de sousa5. Geoffrey de Sousa shows how to decorate with a red contemporary area rug. Geoffrey balanced the warm reds in the rug with cool purple and added pizazz and warmth with the gold wreath of thorns mirror frame, yellow lilies and a blazing fire. Image courtesy Geoffrey de Sousa.

Black and white geometric rug pattern, Miles Redd6. Miles Redd’s chic hallway pairs high gloss cool reds on the door and chair seat, purple lamp shades, walls lacquered in a deep blue that has a tinge of red in it and a black and white geometric rug pattern in the polished marble floor. The white cieling, white door frames and white bench add ramp up the voltage.

Purple and brown geometric decorative rug, Katie Ridder 7. Katie Ridder shows how to create great drama with a very small amount of red that is spatially distributed throughout this stunning dining room- the red painting, lamp bases, chandelier pendants. Note how artfully the red edging on the white chandelier distributes the red. Since these are all cool reds, Katie has warmed the room with the gold in the chair fabric, the sideboard, and the warm brown accents in the purple and brown Greek key geometric decorative rug. The Red’s complementary color (blue) and analagous color purple are used liberally on the walls, in the decorative rug and and the chairs. The dark brown wood of the dining table and the medium brown trim of the side board are the neutrals. Image courtesy Katie Ridder.

Brown and white geometric decorative rug, Garrow Kedigian8. Garrow Kedigian also creates a lot of drama and a feeling of spaciousness in the small bedroom by the judiious use of red. This bedroom feels warmer because of the large amount of brown on the walls and in the brown and white geometric decorative rug. There a wonderful complimentary shades of blue in the drapes and bed cover and in the turqoise mirror frame reminiscent of ancient mediterranean jewelry. White accents add punch and taupe and gold are the neutrals. Image courtesy Elle Decor and Garrow Kedigian.

Red and gold geometric decorative rug, Eldon Wong9. Eldon WongEldon Wong selected a red and gold geometric decorative rug for a warm and cozy seating area by the fireplace. He used lots of white in the upholstery and the walls for crispness and drama. Because the red in the decorative rug is a warm red, Eldon masterfully chose to paint the cieling yellow and the walls white. If the wall and cieling colors had beeb reversed the room would have become too warm. The neutrals are very important here- the browns in the pillows and throw, the gold and dark wood tones in the fireplace and most importantly the dark wood beams.Image courtesy House Beautiful and Eldon Wong.

Blue and cream decorative rug, MMR Interiors10. Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors, New Orleans layers antique and contemporary pieces and an individualistic almost exotic sensibility for colors, textures and shapes. Note that this living room relies heavily on the three primary colors- blue, yellow and red. Of these three primary colors the red is used as an accent color and is well distributed throughout the room. Green is the analagous color for both blue and yellow and is placed between these colors in the chair.



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