Thad Hayes Unifies Modern & Traditional Decor with the Best Rugs

Today we will study five rooms by AD 100 interior designer Thad Hayes and learn how he selects the best rugs to unify modern and traditional interiors. Thad has been named “Dean of Design” by Architectural Digest and the “Best of the Best” by House rugs, decorator rugs, Thad Hayes

 1. For an open living room comprised of multiple arched spaces and with wall art of enamel and gold Japanese screens, a lacquered grand piano and a black and gold Japanese cabinet in the hall, Thad Hayes selected a multicolored traditional decorator rug to pull together these many elements. The decorator rug also integrates the warm, soft peach tones on the walls with the cool grays and warm green of the upholstery and the architectural shapes of the chairs. We know this is the best rug for this living room because it so effortlessly knits together the three adjoining spaces and all the disparate elements in a wonderful interplay of color, shape and texture.

Thad emphasizes the importance of classic principles and space planning when designing rooms for today’s complex needs. Today, families have complex seating, dining and entertaining requirements. Clients sometimes want the flexibility to seat anywhere from 20 to 6 guests and multiple use options for a room.

To design like Thad Hayes, learn to view a design space in the most expansive way possible. Include the exterior of the house and its natural setting. Thad pays great attention to natural light and prefers soft, subtle colors. Hayes uses rugs to unify entire areas and segments of a residence and suggests using the same rug pattern throughout the house.

Best rugs, decorator rugs, geometric rugs, Thad Hayes

2.  In this bright, airy blue and white living room, Hayes deliberately echoes the French entry doors and recessed windows in the pattern of the modern yet classic geometric decorator rug. This is the best rug for this living room because it unifies a complex space and keeps eyes drawn to the black china cabinet, filled with a collection of simple, elegant white ironstone pitchers. By choosing a rug with clean classic lines, Thad shows us how to enjoy the comfort of traditional furniture and still give the room a modern aesthetic.

“The rooms and spaces I design are well edited; therefore, they take on a more minimal, modern look, even when nothing is modern in them. I am aware of the deception and play it up,” Thad Hayes told Architectural Digest

Best rugs, decorator rugs, traditional rugs, Thad Hayes

3.     In an art collector’s living room, Hayes avoids a busy, over-filled feeling by carefully selecting classic neutral furniture with clean, geometric lines and grounds it with a red and blue traditional decorator rug that adds warmth, pattern and color. The decorator rug also balances the room’s focal piece, the challenging, detailed contemporary sculptured head.

Hayes started his design career with Bray-Schaible where he was mentored by Robert Bray. “I think the similarities in our approaches are obvious—fresh, modern spaces with historical references exhibited in beautiful antique rugs and/ or furniture, mixed with more modern monolithic objects.” Hayes told Architectural Digest.

Best rugs, decorator rugs, Thad Hayes

4.  Thad Hayes shows how to make a open plan glass walled living room in a Hamptons beach retreat feel cozy and inviting. He introduces a decorator rug with a soft silky texture. This open glass-walled living space is accented with cool blue furniture and accessories to support the deep blues of the row of Jack Pierson works on paper on the wall. The highly textured silk blend decorator rug supports the sofa and chair and creates a warm and inviting seating area. The colors of the rug harmonize with the subtle, alternating cool and warm-tones of the walls.

Best rugs, decorator rugs, Thad Hayes

4A. The living area has magnificent views of the Hamptons beach. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

best rugs, decorator rugs, geometric rugs, Thad Hayes

5. Thad Hayes shows how to  balance the cool blue and grays of this modern bedroom with warm yellows in the geometric decorator rug. The traditional geometric pattern of the decorator rug brings energy, beauty and order and sets a serene and restful tone.

“We balance modern, machined elements with warm, textured, historical ones often weaving a story or a dialog of periods”, explains Thad Hayes.

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