The Best 11 Decorator Rugs for Dining Rooms in Lonny Magazine

The online Lonny Magazine is a great source of inspiration for interior designers. Last month’s post Lonny Magazine’s 10 Best Living Rooms with Decorator Rugs was so popular, I am following up with the best 11 decorator rugs for dining rooms from Lonny Magazine. I hope you enjoy this visual feast.

Decorator rugs, large wool rugs, geometric rugs

1. Kelly Wearstler has an incredible flair for creating high drama with boldly colored large scale geometric rugs. The high contrast black on pink rug color theme is carried through to the black frames and pink seats of the dining chairs, the black lacquered Chinoiserie cocktail tables, the embossed black ceiling and the Japanese scrolls. All six surfaces-four walls, the floor and the ceiling- are covered with pattern and yet the room feels calm, and also energized. View geometric rugs.

Decorator rugs, large wool rugs, pastel rug,

2. Celerie Kemble introduces Japanese aesthetics through the ancient warriors, dining chairs and the decorator rug with a damask pattern. The gray decorator rug and dining chairs are balanced by the warm yellows of the ceiling and the brown wood tones of the window screen. View Damask Rugs.

decorator rugs, , large wool rugs, pastel rug, gray rug

3. Angie Hranowsky created a light hearted feeling with the whimsical white pattern of the decorator rug. The gray of the decorator rug works beautifully with the deep blue and pink of the fabrics and the deep blue ceramic base of the table lamp. View Neutral Rugs.

Decorator rugs, large wool rugs, pastel rug, geometric rugs

4. Chistina Murphy gray geometric rug introduces texture to this tonal dining space. The black in the wood floor, window frames and round dining table tie the dining space in a pleasing unity. View Geometric Rug.

Decorator rugs, large wool rugs, pastel rug, geometric rugs

5. Caroline Robert used the same geometric rug in warm beige to support a formal dining table and chairs. The pairing of yellow and purple fabrics and the portrait adds a contemporary touch. View Geometric Rug

Oushak rugs, gray rugs, decorator rugs, neutral rugs, pastel rugs

6. Lisa Sherry chose two different gray Oushak rugs for the adjoining dining and lving rooms. The ceilings and walls of both spaces are painted white and all the fabrics range from white to gray. This creates a calm continuity through both spaces. View Oushak Rugs.

Decorator rugs, pastel rugs, large wool rugs, gray rugs

7. David Cafiero chose a decorator rug with a large scale Greek key pattern to support an ivor tusk arch and giraffe print chair fabric. View Greek Key Rug.

Decorator rugs, brown rugs, brown and aqua rugs, large wool rugs8. Pereira Associates bordered the brown rug in jade green and white and carried this color scheme to the white and jade green dining chairs the white and brown walls. The vibrant yellow lamp shades and black and white shade adds pop. View Brown Rugs.

Decorator rugs, large wool rugs, pastel rug,

9. Jennifer Dyer highlighted the neutral decorator rug by painting the floor black. Traditional and contemporary elements are unified by using a black, white and gray color scheme throughout the spaces. View Neutral Rugs.

geometric rugs, brown rugs, decorator rugs, brown and white rugs

10. Eileen Kathryn Boyd mixes high energy patterns harmoniously on a white and brown geometric rug. The fuchsia chair cushions create a pop that enlivens the black, white and brown color scheme. View Geometric Rugs.

decorator rugs, gray rugs, neutral rugs

11. Hilary Thomas makes beautiful use of all six surfaces of this dining space. The rounded shapes of the white Chinese pattern on the neutral decorator rug balances the geometry of the Chinoiserie fretwork chair backs and the white on green pattern of the chair seat fabric. The mirrored walls expand the space and the lighted chandelier projects a radiant pattern on the white ceiling. View Neutral Rugs.


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