Timeless Fashion with Geometric Rugs by 7 Legendary Decorators

When Yves Saint Laurent said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”, he could have been speaking about these timeless rooms with geometric rugs designed in the 1960’s and 70’s. The legendary decorators who created them prove that good style is timeless and always looks fresh and fashionable. Sit back and enjoy these masterpieces of interior design with geometric rugs by Angelo Donghia, Albert Hadley, Billy Baldwin, John Fowler, David Hicks, Mark Hampton and Keith Irvine.

Geometric rugs, decorator rugs, Angelo Donghia

1. Angelo Donghia’s New York living room with a black and white geometric rug. “You should feel at all times that what is around you is attractive . . . and that you are attractive”, said Donghia. He was inspired by Jean-Michel Frank and in a 1977 article in New York Magazine said “I feel that I’ve developed my own style that is as classic and minimal as the thirties style it reflects.” The silver foil ceiling is a Donghia trademark.

geometric rugs, decorator rugs, Albert Hadley

2. Albert Hadley’s stunning and timeless living room with a black and white geometric rug pattern painted on the floor appeared in House Beautiful in 1968 and was featured in the peakofchic blog. I would never have guessed this room was designed 44 years ago! The only thing you would change are the flowers.

Geometric rugs, decorator rugs, Billy Baldwin

3. Billy Baldwin chose a blue and white geometric rug for this legendary blue salon in La Fiorentina a villa on the French Riviera he designed in the early 1970’s. Baldwin said “Any color at any time may be used, especially if it is a favorite of the person who has to live with it…. color should not be subject to the rules of fashion.” Quote and image courtesy Architectural Digest.

geometric rug, decorator rug, David Hicks

4. David Hicks Paris showroom featured in the habituallychic blog has a gold and red geometric rug, contemporay art and furniture designed by David Hicks. He said in his book David Hicks on Living — With Taste, that his “greatest contribution… has been to show people how to use bold color (sic) mixtures, how to use patterned carpets, how to light rooms and how to mix old with new.” His hotel and restaurnat design partner Peter Evans said “Hicks was without a doubt a genius. He would walk into the most shambolic of spaces that I had decided would be a restaurant, a pub or a nightclub and, lighting up a cigarette, would be out of the place within ten minutes, having decided what atmosphere it would generate because of what it would look like. He always got it spot on.”

geometric rugs, decorator rugs, Mark Hampton

5. Mark Hampton’s mentor was David Hicks and the geometric rug pattern painted on this living room floor reflects it. The New York Times wrote in his obituary in 1998 “. ..(an) interior decorator whose relaxed traditionalism was embraced by America’s stylish elite, making him a celebrated symbol of gracious living for decades”.

geometric rugs, decorator rugs, John Fowler

6. John Fowler painted a green and white geometric rug pattern for Pauline de Rothschild’s bedroom in London in the 1970s. Fowler is has been quoted as saying “The greatest mistake in the world is to believe that so-called good taste is any use without a sense of comfort to complete it. His friend the duchess of Devonshire wrote: “He was the prince of decorators, a scholar with a wonderful memory for whole rooms and the smallest details, and the best appreciator of beautiful things I have ever known. Quotes from the tweedlandthegentlemansclub blog, Architectural Digest image.

geometric rugs, decorator rugs, Keith Irvine

7. Keith Irvine’s client list included Jacqueline Onassis, Rex and Lady Harrison, and Pat and William F. Buckley Jr. He apprenticed with John Fowler in the 1950’s and described the experience as “…part paradise and part reign of terror!” This townhouse foyer and staircase shows a masterful coordination of two different geometric rug patterns in black and white, one is painted on the floor and the other is a stair runner rug.





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