Top 5 Questions About the Best Rugs for the Room, Part 2

 Part 2 of 2

We asked leading interior designers: What are the top 5 questions clients have when looking for the best rugs for the rooms?  Part 1 covered the first three questions. In Part 2 we conclude with questions 4 and 5 and the advice interior designers give their clients .


Seville 6002G, Savonile Oriental Rug, Spanish rugs, Asmara rugs

 Seville 6002G, Savonile Oriental rug combines elegance with durability. The interior designer has made the room inviting and comfortable by floating the furniture on the rug. Savonile rugs are not chemically washed.


4.      Which rugs are durable and can withstand children and pets?

While sisal rugs are very popular and look great, they are uncomfortable to walk on. Sisal can get stained by beverage spills or by an unassuming pet. A stained sisal cannot be cleaned and a ruined sisal rug will have to be thrown away.

By comparison, high quality wool oriental rugs look good and are very durable.  For even more durability choose rugs that are made with the best quality wool and are not chemically washed. The lanolin in wool has natural spill resistance. Chemical washing strips the outer layer of wool fiber, removing some of the lanolin and reducing the wool’s strength.

If a spill does occur, soak it up immediately by using plenty of paper towels and let the rug dry quickly. For serious spills consult a professional rug cleaner.

Wool rugs are great to walk on, they keep a room warm in winter, cool in summer, and they absorb noise.

5.      What is the best size rug for the room?

Interior designers know that a rug defines the size of a room. A common mistake it to buy a rug that is too small because it makes the room look smaller. If you are reluctant to cover up a nice wood or marble floor, remember, it is the balance and overall composition of a room that makes a great room. Avoid over focusing on any one item to the detriment of the whole composition.

Interior Designer Bill Barr offers great advice on determining rug sizes correctly. Read his answer to my question below:

”Of course it depends on the look you want but there are some general rules I use, including but not limited to:

In bedrooms, the rug should go under the bed but not the night stand, if possible your area rug should stop in front of dressers and other furniture.
People usually buy rugs that are too small, be prepared to spend up to 1/3 of your budget on a good rug.
In living rooms family rooms and the like try for a consistently sized border of exposed flooring around the edges of your room. If you are floating furniture, do your best to keep furniture on the rug. If you have a sofa against the wall then a good guideline is 2/3 under the front edge.  

What are your top 5 questions? What advice would you give on decorating with rugs?

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