Top 5 Questions People Have About the Best Rugs for a Room, Part 1

Part 1 of 2 

We asked leading interior designers: What are the top 5 questions clients ask about decorating with the best rugs? 

Here are the questions and the advice interior designers give their clients: 

1.    How do I find the best rug for a room?

One of the biggest challenges people face is picturing a rug in the room. Better rug companies will allow you to order a rug corner sample on approval, similar to those below, and will refund you the cost of the sample once it is returned.  The only charges you pay are for the freight, which is usually under $10 each way.

Bergamo 1427CB, Needlepoint Rug, Bunbry 6545CB, Brocatel Oriental Rug, Asmara Rug 

                     Bergamo, Needlepoint Rug                               Bunbry, Brocatel Oriental Rug

Make sure the sample is large enough (3’x2’ or 2’x2’) so you can get a good sense of the colors and the scale of the design.  The scale of the design is very important. Find out if the scale of the motifs is the same as in a large rug such as a 10’x14′ or a 9’x12′ rug.

Place the rug sample in the room and look at it at different times of the day. 

See how the light affects the rug and how it makes you feel.   If you feel happy, relaxed and at home, then the rug is the best choice for your room.  If  the rug just doesn’t “feel like you”, try another rug sample.  Your first instincts are usually the best guide.    

2.      Which rug styles are best for the room?

The style of the rug should be appropriate for the style of the home.  Is the home formal or relaxed?   Consider the location.

Flowing Coral 1214CG, Needlepoint Rug, Timur 1331CG, Needlepoint Rug, Asmara Rug

            Flowing Coral, Needlepoint rug                                 Timur, Needlepoint rug                 

    Is the home by the sea?

Horizon 6533RM, Brocatel Oriental Rug, Kos 3214DH, Oushak Rug, Asmara Rug

             Horizon, Oriental Rug or Needlepoint Rug                          Kos, Oushak Oriental rug      

Or, is the home in the mountains?

Valencia 6024GD, Savonile Oriental Rug, Sigma 1804YH, Capri Oriental Rug, Asmara Rug

               Valencia, Savonile Oriental Rug                                 Sigma, Capri Oriental Rug

Is it a formal city apartment?


To get a sense of different rug styles, look at the rugs interior designers are using.  Decorating magazines; decorating blogs, decorating videos (check out the videos on this blog) can be good sources for ideas.

Make notes of any rugs that appeal to you. Remember, the rug should reflect your lifestyle and not someone else’s opinion of what is hot or what they like.

You will soon develop a good idea of what you like and learn what style of rug is appropriate for the style of the house. You will avoid putting a formal rug in a seaside cottage or a casual rug in a city apartment.

3. Which rug colors and designs are best for the room?

There are good reasons why leading interior designers start a room design with a rug. Starting with a rug gives them greater freedom and many choices.

Do not leave your rug selection till the end. It is much harder to shoe horn a rug after the fabrics, wall colors and everything else has been selected.

Take your favored rug corner samples when you go shopping for fabrics and also when you go looking for wall colors.

Select wall colors by placing the paint chips or sheets next to the rug corner sample. Does the wall color complement the rug colors?

 Study how the colors in the rug are put together. Use the rug’s color composition to balance the colors in the room.

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