Veranda’s 7 Top Traditional Rooms with Designer Rugs in 2017

“All houses should be arranged for the pleasure of the owner and nobody else,” says Hutton Wilkinson in Veranda, “we all have a personal palette.” In the 1970’s the teenage Wilkinson began his apprenticeship with the legendary Tony Duquette widely acknowledged as the master of “more is more”. Today Wilkinson presides over Tony Duquette Studios in Beverly Hills and follows his mentor’s decorating philosophy in a 100 acre hilltop retreat in Malibu, California. The 7 best traditional rooms with designer rugs are a homage to “more is more” and includes Wilkinson and Laurie Steichen who has evoked an incredibly authentic 18th-century Italian palazzo on a hilltop in Vista, California.


1. Aqua, Cream and Gold  

The bluish-green patina of the antique bookcases is complemented by a cream, gold and coral Oushak rug in the library of a villa in Vista, California designed by Laurie Steichen.


Thera Oushak Rug 3220B in aqua and cream.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



 Kos Oushak Rug in golden-wheat and coral.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



2. Tan and Cream

A cream, beige and blue Oushak rug complements the classical marble fireplace, tan and taupe upholstery and crystal chandelier in the living room of the Laurie Steichen designed house in Vista, California.



3. Cream, Gold and Green

A cream, beige, gold and rose Aubusson rug pulls together a Neoclassical bed, pale yellow and green canopy and gold French settee in the master bedroom of the of the Laurie Steichen designed California house.



 Aubusson Rug 5002G6 in gold, cream and rose.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


4. Blue and White

 A Mughal style arch serves as the entrance to the guest bathroom in Hutton Wilkinson’s 100 acre mountain top retreat in Malibu, California.



5. Blue, and White 

Custom blue and white Indian fabric covered walls and matching bedspreads are anchored by a a blue and white geometric rug in the guest bedroom of Hutton Wilkinson’s Malibu Ranch.



Basketweave Needlepoint Rug 1108CB
 in blue and white.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



6. Gold, Coral, Rose and Green

A gold and coral Oushak rug anchors a green and rose Tony Duquette-designed chest that was on the film set of My Fair Lady. A pair of antique Chinese chairs complement a sofa upholstered in a Kashmir crewel embroidered linen in the living room of the Wilkinson retreat.


6a. Gold, Red and Green

The living room’s vintage Chandelier is by Tony Duquette.



7. Red and Black

In the Wilkinson’s master bedroom a black English needlepoint rug complements Chinese Chippendale furniture. The pagoda bed belonged to the family of Winston Churchill’s mother. A pair of red lacquered Chinoiserie chairs resonate with the red windows. 



Margate Needlepoint Rug 2087BK in black, yellow, rose, blue and lilac.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



Garden Trellis Needlepoint Rug 1601BK in black, orange, cream, yellow, purple and red.

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Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



All room images courtesy Veranda Magazine.


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