Welcome Guests in Style: 4 Holiday Interiors with Red Rugs

The holiday season only comes once a year (terrible news – or great news – depending on who you ask), and the warmth of the holidays comes from homey, rich touches that add a vibrant, cozy energy- Holly and mistletoe, bright ornaments, red wool sweaters and shiny bows. Red is a shade that perfectly captures the holiday season and red rugs are a great way to make your guests feel special and spread the holiday cheer all year round as you will see in these four stylish rooms.

Welcome with Cozy, Fashionable Living Room with Red Rug and Honey Yellow  Walls

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This cozy, intimate and atmospheric living room features a red rug with textured stripes that give a sense of scale and bring a stylish energy to the room. Image courtesy Curated Style.

A red throw and a deep red sofa bring red into the rest of the space.  To play with the vibrancy of the orangey red, warm yellow walls and intimate lighting give the room a comfortable glow – like sitting by a fire on a cold winter night.

Relax Guests with Warm Intimacy

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Carolina Irving’s Long Island living room feels warm and intimate with a worn red oriental rug, a Directoire sofa covered in red raw silk and a hanging Suzani embroidery gifted by Christian Louboutin. Image courtesy Vogue Living.

This comfortable seating area designed by textile designer Carolina Irving uses textures to create a stylish and intimate space.  A red oriental rug rug with gold and navy pattern adds a luxurious elegance.  A red sofa with weathered white woodwork gives a rustic touch, and brings a vibrant red into the rest of the space.  A cream textile with red and blue embroidery incorporates the colors of the rug and adds exotic, earthy texture. Wooden bowls and green plants also add earthy elements to this cheerful, cozy interior.

Guests Will Feel Cheerful with Red Needlepoint Rug and Yellow Walls

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This bright, festive and elegant living room designed by Kelly Proxmire, uses a ruby red needlepoint rug with pink undertones to create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere in this Washington DC area home. The light yellow walls create an airy, cheerful contrast to the ruby red that gives the room an uplifting and sunny feel.  The yellow and gold medallions in the rug resonate with the floral arrangements in the room and the lush green view from the large windows. This is indeed a perfect space for a happy family gathering.

Promise Romantic Adventure with Red Rug, Ocher Walls and Crystal Chandelier

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It’s no wonder that celebrity shoe designer Christian Louboutin would adorn his country château with a luxurious red rug that would remind guests of his signature red-soled pumps. Image courtesy Christian Louboutin.

The most startlingly and impressive impression one gets upon entering this handsome and romantic living room is warm welcome of the orangey-yellow walls that are un-expectedly, but thoroughly stylishly juxtaposed with the cool pink-reds of the oriental rug. The yellow ocher walls make you feel warmly welcomed and subtly suggest that your visit will be filled with adventure. Over the elegant medallion of the rug, a crystal drop chandelier adds another layer of romance. The overall effect is an interior perfect for elegant parties that will be fun.

Whether it’s the middle of December, or a bright day in July, holiday decorating tips can be used all year long to create festive spaces. If you would like the room to have a warm glow, pair a red rug with warm, yellow accents.  Juxtapose earthy textiles with red rugs for cozy family areas.  Give a room a dose of good cheer with a ruby red rug.  And think of all the formal holiday (or any occasion) parties you can throw in a fancy château with a red rug and crystal chandelier!

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