Where to Buy Needlepoint Rugs: 9 Top Sources and 17 Decorating Tips

A new generation of interior designers is discovering the allure of needlepoint rugs at a time when these rugs are no longer being made. Most of the needlepoint workshops in China-where 99% of needlepoint rugs were made – have shut down due to skyrocketing wages brought about by rapid industrialization which has drawn workers to higher paying manufacturing jobs. Back in the late 1980’s when I first started making needlepoint rugs in China, I was amazed by the quality of the artists and artisans we were able to recruit. These young men and women freshly out of art school possessed unbelievably sensitive eyes for color and design. Now with China no longer making these rugs there are only two specialist importers remaining who have needlepoint rugs because they have retained inventory from before the factories shut down. They are Asmara and Stark Carpet. An additional seven dealers offer antique needlepoint rugs. All 9 top sources of needlepoint rugs are listed at the end of this post. Here are 17 tips for decorating with needlepoint rugs.


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1. Create a Modern Vibe with Chinoiserie and Needlepoint Rugs 

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Pair a needlepoint rug that has a modern vibe with Chinoiserie furniture and add one or two contemporary accessories as in this sitting room styled by Koch Studio with the Branches 2172E needlepoint rugRug Design © Asmara, Inc.



Designer Tiggy Butler used the Summer Needlepoint Rug 2148C to complement an early-19th-century painting from the school of Ramsey Richard Reinagle and an Irish crystal chandelier in the living room of Ryanair founder Tony Ryan’s Greek Revival mansion on a 1,200-acre horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


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Kemble Interiors designe a garden facing living room in Palm Beach around the Summer Needlepoint Rug 2148C. The adjoining living room is anchored on the Branches 2172E needlepoint rug Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. Image courtesy Florida Design


2. Pep Up Living Room with Orange and Black Needlepoint Rugs 
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Buy black and orange French needlepoint rug

Design a fashionable and inviting library with a color palette of orange, russet, gold and black and pull it together with an antique French rug such as the Biedermeier 1957BK needlepoint rug in this library in a New York Upper East side townhouse designed by Ann Pyne, head of McMillen, Inc.


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Another view of the Anne Pyne designed library with the Biedermeier 1957BK needlepoint rug.


3. Reflect Water Views with Blue and White Needlepoint Rugs

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 Buy blue and white geometric needlepoint rug

Enhance the enjoyment of water views with a well designed geometric blue and white needlepoint rug such as the Ascot 1326DB needlepoint rug as in this stunning lake side bedroom by Cebula Design. Use large amounts of white and pale neutrals in the room and a striking floral pattern with a bed throw or pillows. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



4. Bring Romance to Bedroom with Fortuny Inspired Rugs


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Bring the romance of Venice and Granada with a Mariano Fortuny inspired rug such as the Bergamo 1327BR needlepoint rug in cream and pomegranate red and pair it with yellow and gold fabrics. Paint the walls a warm beige and the ceiling and trim white as in this bedroom by Susan Nelson.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

5. Show Sophistication with Geometric Patterns in Neutral Colors


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needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rug, needlepoint rugs for sale

Layer a sunroom, garden room or family room with beige geometric fabrics in a mix of small, medium and large scale prints and pull everything together with a beige and brown geometric rug such as the Ascot 1326D needlepoint rug in this Greenwich, Connecticut sunroom by Cindy Rinfret.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


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6. Energize a Blue and White Room by Introducing Yellows 


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buy cream, blue and yellow floral needlepoint rug

Some blue and white rooms can feel a little cold, add yellow and the atmosphere will become more welcoming. Choose a needlepoint rug with yellow in addition to blue and white such as the Margate 2089 CB Needlepoint Rug and pull the entire room together perfectly. Image courtesy Lynnens, Greenwich, ConnecticutRug Design © Asmara, Inc.


7. Fire Up a Seaside Living Room with Red Needlepoint Rugs


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buy red and gold geometric rug, buy needlepoint rug, buy red geometric needlepoint rug, needlepoint rugs  

Make a memorable impression with a red, cream and gold color palette in a sea view living room instead of the expected blue and white. Tie the whole scheme together with a red and gold geometric rug such as the Agra 1332R needlepoint rug in a Sea Island, Georgia home by Lisa Torbett Interiors.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


8. Cool a Palm Beach Sunroom with Green Needlepoint Rugs 


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buy cream and green needlepoint rug

Cool down a sunroom with a green and white botanical needlepoint rug such as the Ferncroft 2107BG needlepoint rug chosen by designer Allison Palladino for this Palm Beach sunroom published in House Beautiful. Ferncroft features four different varieties of fern surrounded by a geometric border inspired by the glass conservatory in the New York Botanical Gardens. Paint the walls pale green and choose a cool white for the ceiling and wood trim. Upholster chairs and sofa in a mix of botanical, plain and geometric prints in slightly different shades of green all derived from the rug. Introduce black accents to heighten contrast and definition. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rug, buy needlepoint rugs

Another view of the Allison Palladino designed Palm Beach sunroom with the Ferncroft 2107BG needlepoint rug Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


fern-needlepoint-rug-asmara-ferncroft-needlepoint-rug-living-room-of-lorry-newhouse-designed-by-Rain Phillips architecural-digest-September-2013.jpg

Designer Rain Phillips used the Ferncroft 2107BG needlepoint rug to anchor the stunning New York living room of fashion designer Lorry Newhouse who is married to a cousin of Condé Nast CEO Si Newhouse. The green and white fern motif needlepoint rug complements an antique Baccarat chandelier, green curtains made from silk gauze and antique black-lacquer mirrors. 

Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


9. Enjoy Garden Dining Year Round with Floral Needlepoint Rugs


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Buy cream colorful Aubusson rug

Dining is always more pleasurable in the garden and this dining room by European Home Collection brings the garden dining experience indoors with the Adria 2199C needlepoint rug and green floral wallcovering. Paint the walls pale yellow, the wood trim white and chose a warm tone for the floor.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


10. Dial Up the Drama with Black Needlepoint Rugs


needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rug, needlepoint rugs for sale

buy black, red, orange, purple and yellow floral needlepoint rug

Create modern drama with black and white wallcovering, upholstery and accent pieces in a mix of organic and graphic patterns and then add pop with a bold and colorful black needlepoint rug such as the Garden Trellis 1601BK needlepoint rug.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



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