Which Traditional Wool Rugs Will Look Tired and Which Are Timeless

In the coming days we will learn from rug experts and interior designers how to tell which rugs will become tired looking and should be avoided and which rugs will keep your room designs looking fresh and current for years to come.

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Here are excerpts from upcoming blog posts:

Which tradional wool rugs will look tired?

 “A lot of people have these beautiful antique rugs and furniture and have big homes, they don’t have any children that want them….nobody wants their furniture, nobody wants their rugs..  and its sad, but there are a lot of tag sales and consignment stores that are doing the business”. Jackie Ostrander, Rug Consultant, Greenwich Connecticut.                                                                      

“If you start with a rug that is so traditional, such as the burgundy and navy blue (oriental) rugs that are in a classic pattern, and have a classic coloration, and have a classic scale, it is these kind of rugs that really can look very tired. Eric Guenther, Chief Interior Designer, Whim Home, San Juan Capistrano, California  


Traditional rugs that are also Contemporary rugs are Timeless rugs

But when you start with a rug in which the rug designer has tweaked things .. the construction is a little different, the scale is a little different, the colors are different; some of the above, all of the above; then it’s contemporary, even when it’s based on the traditional. It is so far out in front of the pack anyway and then what is done with it (in decorating) will keep the balance.  That’s what people need to understand…they can spend the money on such a rug and enjoy it and not be afraid that they are trapped into it”  Eric Guenther                                           

“These days people tend to move more than they used to.  Work takes us to different cities and creating families requires larger homes. So when you buy a quality wool rug – that will last a lifetime – it’s good to know it will be adaptable to any style you ask it to support…Bill Barr, Interior Designer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

How one interior designer keeps his rooms looking fresh for years

“Well that’s one of the reasons why I always like to put in a fabric that is kind of new or more contemporary or something that is  unexpected. That’s the fabric that may need to be changed in 10 years, to keep the rug alive…. the rug should be more of an investment piece that you hope to use that gets better with use. If a few of the fabrics have a little more spirit and could potentially be time and date specific,  they could be changed and at the same time, being date specific is also a plus, because it looks like its alive, you have changed it and its of the moment.

“I don’t think any room should get to the point where it looks beautiful but it looks untouched and museum like and I am not talking about formal.

“It’s really interesting, I go through old Architectural Digest, I am talking about stuff even from the 70’s. Most of the design is so awful compared to what we are used to now, that when you come to one of the real traditionalists of the era, I am speaking of the designers when I say that, barring maybe the fact that the flower arranging is a very different style than what we would do now, most of the rooms are still really beautiful. You might change a few things, but for the most part they are as classic and beautiful as when they were designed. Eric Guenther

 Future blog posts will have pictures that explain these insights.

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