Why Interior Designers Love Decorating with Blue Rugs

Coco Chanel once said “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.” The same concept applies to interior design, and we luckily have an entire industry filled with decorators and design magazines telling us know which colors look good in our homes.

A study of some of the best design magazines and the interior designers they spotlight shows that they really love blue rugs.  Look at the glossy photos in any interior decorating magazine or the high-resolution photos of a well-regarded design blog and you will notice how many of the interiors feature blue rugs.

If you love blue rugs as much as the editors of interior design magazines love them, you will be fascinated by the fabulous interiors in today’s post.

Elle Décor’s Blue Rug Cover

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This living room with a gray and blue rug was on the cover of Elle Décor’s March 2007 issue.

This blue rug has the chic factor in spades. The gray and blue rug is nothing short of hip. Blending both classic and modern elements, the rug unifies both modern and traditional elements in the room and makes the room worthy of being featured on the front cover. Note how the yellow of the sofa creates pop and at at the same time it adds warmth to the room which otherwise would have felt cold with all the blue and purples in the room. The brown tones in the leather screen also add warmth in addition to adding another texture. This room had a wonderful mix of different materials and textures which includes blue and white porcelain, dark leather, wool rug, polished metal sofa legs and wood furniture.

Blue Rugs Earn Good Housekeeping’s Seal of Approval

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The medium-blue rug gives this livng room a chic and artsy vibe and gained Good Housekeeping’s approving nod.

This room has a broad cross section of styles which are beautifully unified by a hip and artistic medium blue rug. The room highlights how a blue rug can make a room look trendy and peaceful at the same time. The warm colors in the abstract art flanking the traditional fireplace balance the cool blues and make the room feel inviting year round. White walls and ceiling add contrast and bring out the beauty of the crown molding.

Blue Rug Looks Chic on the Habitually Chic Blog

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The pale blue rug creates a mood of instant calm and chic style. Image courtesy The Habitually Chic Blog.

The Habitually Chic Blog is all about what is chic and fashionable and features many different design styles. It is a must read for interior designers.  The blue-on-blue living room is simply stunning, showcasing how light blue rugs create instant serenity and charisma. Varying shades of blue darken as the eye moves across room, and the purple in the artwork adds depth and almost sends you into a meditative state.

Blue Rugs Add Zip to Veranda Magazine

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This gorgeous taupe and blue rug in a home by designer Bunny Williams was featured in Veranda Magazine. This room shows how to bring a touch of the exotic to a living room. Image courtesy Veranda Magazine.

Blue rugs can certainly impart calm and serenity to any room, but they also work well with exotic styles. The taupe and blue rug featured in Veranda Magazine is from a home in Delaware designed by Bunny Williams. The room has a decidedly exotic look. The orange highlights in the rug balance the cool blues in the room and they also add a touch of spice. The elephant and white pottery add an exotic vibe.

Blue rugs make it easy to decorate in many different styles and create the atmosphere you desire for the room. We learn from interiors design masters that pale or light blue rugs will help you in creating a peaceful, tranquil space; mid-blues are great for an artsy hip vibe; and you can mix blue rugs with yellow, orange and red highlights to add some kick to a non-traditional décor. With blue rugs, the sky really is the limit, and they are a great way to design a room that makes you look good.

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